Final Fantasy Infinite

Chronicles 2: Vagina-Faced Mushrooms

Why are these even things?

Our session begins with our heroes returning to Lindblum. They are met on the road by a moogle with a message for Ruby from Regent Edgar. Realizing that now is as good a time as any, Princess Ruby decides to fake her death in Dali by not answering the letter. She convinces Shyla Vantras to go along by offering to pay what Shyla would have earned by bringing the princess back safely.

The party reenters the city, with Shyla and Ruby leaving to get Ruby’s secret cache of money, while Elder Garret and Nearien Lin Tostel go to meet with the Regent to fill him in on the events in Dali.

Informed of Cocoon’s potential involvement in the attack, the Regent commissions Elder Garret and the others for another mission: he wants to send them to Cocoon to see if they can find any information on why they would want Dali destroyed. Garret and Nearien gather up Ruby and Shyla and head for North Gate.

One night while setting up camp, the party is attacked by a pair of floating wolf-headed abominations with three rotating bat wings (Buel), and a trio of vagina-dentata-faced mushrooms (Funguar). The party is nearly wiped, primarily due to the ability of the vagina mushrooms to shoot a powerful laser targeting female party members. Elder Garret manages to survive the fight, though, and revives his female companions. They carry on.

Within a day’s ride of North Gate, the party finds an obstacle in their path: a contingent of chocobo cavalry, setting up camp. The party attempts to sneak around the camp, but is caught by scouts, who they are forced to dispatch. One knight escapes, though, and the party is faced with a choice: run for North Gate, where there may or may not be more troops, or return to Lindblum, to warn the Regent and possibly help mount a counter-offense.



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