Final Fantasy Infinite

Echoes 1: An Improptu Beginning

What a crazy random happenstance.

With tensions between Narshe and Lindblum reaching a breaking point, Narshe sends an embassy to Cocoon to secure their assistance (or at least guarantee their non-involvement) in the upcoming war. Accompanying them are a certain Captain of the Watch and a half-dozen handpicked men, to run security for the diplomats. After a few days of uneventful and inconclusive negotiations, Robert notices a pair of his men acting off. When he questions the two, they draw their weapon, attack and slay the negotiators on both sides of the table, and flee the scene, with Robert and his men in hot pursuit. Robert manages to grasp and tear one of their shirts, revealing the duo to be Shards; however, they ultimately escape. Robert and company are then surrounded by the Mounted Brigade and arrested for conspiring against Cocoon. Much to their surprise, the Mounties find Robert quite cooperative, and as a result he receives a fairly comfortable cell.

Comfortable as it may be, the next two days involve much questioning and few answers for Robert, with no word reaching him from Narshe. However, a note from a certain Knight-Commander eventually reaches him, via a certain thief in disguise, bearing unfortunate news. Narshe is desperately attempting to repair its relationship with Cocoon before it’s at war with two cities, and the Captain of the Watch is held accountable for the actions of the men under his direct command; ergo, Narshe has thrown Robert under the cart. Lisbeth begs her friend to escape the city – “There is no justice in Cocoon.” Though loathe to become “criminal scum” himself, Robert allows Tantalus to break he and his men out of prison. Tantalus guides them to a clinic in the Low Residential, as per his instructions, and hands a certain world-weary medic and old acquaintance of Robert and Lisbeth a note-within-a-note before disappearing.

In it, Lisbeth calls in “a final favor” from Crash, asking him to get Robert out of the city by whatever means necessary. Pulling a few strings, Crash manages to get in contact with a certain fishing magnate and gentleman explorer, and arranges a meeting at a bar in the High Residential. Soon after the meeting begins, the party is ambushed by a certain terrifying young girl, hired to subdue Robert and return him to custody. With some hasty bargaining, Sir Edgar manages to buy out Leto’s contract, just in time for them to be ambushed by a handful of Blackbriar mercenaries also looking to capture Robert. The party defeats them handily, and wisely decides to flee before reinforcements can show.

After arranging for his men to be smuggled out overland, Robert elects to linger a little bit to take any heat off them, and to take a sea route. The party heads to Edgar’s office in the Spire in the wee hours of the morning to gather supplies for their escape, including Crystallis fragments to avoid death via Miasma. The four touch the Crystallis but find that they’re unable to move away, as chaotic sensory input fills their heads.



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