Final Fantasy Infinite

Memento 1: The Plot Thickens

Wait, already? We just started!

The wheel of fate is turning. Narshe is suffering from overpopulation and lack of resources. Lindblum is almost bankrupt, and the city’s financial elite are threatening to take matters into their own hands. Cocoon’s businesses empires are losing support from the working class, and the city is on the brink of rebellion.

To top things off, people are disappearing into the night, and factories are churning out weapons like no tomorrow. No one knows what for.

The militaries are being prepared for war by the ruling parties of all the cities. In wake of this, the Narshe City Council has created a volunteer exploratory mission to venture to the abandoned city of Tida, with the recommendation of the College of Magical Studies. Magical pulses have been detected, and they want someone to check it out.

This group of someones happens to be a semi-motley crüe crew of individuals: Jess, Tantalus Locke, Arr’ik Triss, Corrin Dysley, and two mages.

Tantalus was in it for the fame and fortune. Mostly the latter. Arr’ik signed up since anything about Tida tended to attract her interest. Corrin was offered a position as a guard. Jess, meanwhile, was tracking down information on an old friend of hers, Torr, that left town some time ago.

After being lead on a bit of a wild chocobo chase around the city, she was finally lead to the office of a recent caravan, who informed her that her friend was last seen acting as a caravan guard for them. The caravan was ambushed on a trip to Dali and was last seen heading towards Tida.

With that in mind, the group ventured forth with the commission from the Narshe City Council. A journey of about two days was all it took before they stood at the gates of Tida.

The town was long gone and longer dead. An eerie silence unlike any other pervaded the atmosphere. Not even the wind blowing made any sound, and no creatures or otherwise provided a break from the unending quiet.

The party explored the city as the day wore on. The market area and crystal center were first, and though the city had been pillaged of much of the wealth it once had, a few baubles and trinkets were recovered. Of curious note was that the crystal itself had mysteriously and perfectly reassembled itself. The group quickly made their way to the library, where after a brief encounter with some goblins and flan, they discovered the source of the magical pulse – a mysterious book, locked inside a small alcove by a gate and three bells – one of gold, one of silver, one of bronze.

Arr’ik rang a similar silver bell that she had found on a skeleton near the crystal. When it rang close to the one on the lock, both bells shattered, and the lock came off. Thinking quick, Jess rang the others to track them down, and the group split up. Arr’ik headed towards city hall, Tantalus went to the fields.

Arr’ik returned with a journal half written in an ancient language and another golden bell. The journal contained nothing but three lines on every page, and one introductory page. Pattern analysis revealed it to always be three names.

Tantalus returned with another bell. Upon ringing both of them, the locks fell away and the book was retrieved by Arr’ik, who stored it safely in her pack.

Tantalus and Jess went off to search the residential district while Corrin and Arr’ik went to the crystal center. Arr’ik touched it, and the crystal reacted, shattering once more into thousands of crystals. One of them smashed the mage in the chest, and he was transformed into a terrible, shambling monster.

After a short fight, Tantalus and Jess returned with the other mage. He too was struck by a suddenly animate part of the crystal, and turned into another one of the monsters.

Putting them to rest was in short order. Leaving the town, the four encountered a letter left for them by the Narshe City Council, telling them to proceed to Lindblum instead due to some severe rioting.

The session closed with a brief rest, and the group heading towards Dali, mounted on rented chocobos.

– Echoes of the Past: Deliver the book to the Royal Academy in Lindblum
– Mailman: Deliver a letter to Miss Alexis Tannenbaum in Lindblum.
– Mailman: Deliver a letter to Mr Thomas Paine in Narshe.
– The Home Front: A reply from Arr’ik’s mother in Narshe is expected.
– Culture Shock: Decipher the first page of the Tida Journal.
– Monty Haul: Appraise and sell off the gathered loot and trinkets from Tida.



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