Final Fantasy Infinite

Memento 8: Into the Cleyran Desert

Or :Why Wasn't Mathew Half Camel? Or : WTF is Blitzball?

After laying low in the Dead Hand’s hideout after a daring gala theft in the city of Cocoon, having retrieved the Mysterious desert gem the “Heroes” meet up with Aldarune, the Desert Merchant, and make preparations to travel into the vast Cleyran Desert.

After only a few days, the party arrived at a small inn and trading post just outside of the vast desert. There they stocked up on supplies such as water, climate-friendly armor, and sand tubes for sleeping. Leaving the comfortable grasslands behind and being well prepared, the party was still amazed at the oppressively hot desert sands.

After three days of being guided through the wastes, Aldarune thought he saw the sand shifting on the horizon. Erring on the side of caution he led the group in a wide berth around the suspicious area. As they turned to leave the spot shifting sands gave way to a pair of vicious-looking Flan and a huge Antlion. Locke was daydreaming about cool rivers and fresh fallen snow when the large beast grabbed a hold of him. Fighting off the beasts, Arr’ik Triss took the largest ones head as a trophy, Monty Karonet discovering an Earth materia amid the remains of a Flan.

Some time later, Aldarune spotted a massive sand storm quickly approaching the party. With out hesitation, leaping off a dune crest, he guided his group to what looked to be a pre-war city carved into the jagged mountain-side itself. Before taking shelter from the oncoming storm, the party was able to refill up on water rations and hide away in an abandoned shop. Corrin Dysley took the opportunity to try to get sand out of every inch of his gear while Monty began hastily speculating about the history and origin of the city. They determined that water must have at one time, been made to flow through the entire city.

After the storm died down the party ventured on. Passing a great glass sphere arena complex, the party was surprised to find a Coeurl come crashing down from the cliff above, revealing the small pack of others waiting to pounce. Realizing that the jig was up, the Coeurl lept down and attacked the group. With gun, blade and song the three beasts were quickly routed.

Just before leaving the massive hidden city someone spotted an out of place glow eminating from an open room some floors up. Easily scaled by Arr’ik Triss the room was revealed to be a natural ‘lay-line’, a direct source of Gia energy. The swell of concentrated power manifested itself into a super-natural spring topped with a pink lotus which bloomed into a Water materia.

Upon exiting the city, the guide pointed out the mountains in the distance, signifying the far end of the Miasmic Continent. They were notified that the desert nomads village was not far but also they a known Oasis was close as well. The group chose to see the Oasis before finishing their journey.

Much to Monty’s surprise, a giant snake struck the unsuspecting bard and in one fell strike, reduced the bard to a bloody heap among the sands. The beast was quickly dispatched by the remainder of the group, dropping a Yellow materia before they grabbed the dying Elf and made a run for the nearby village.



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