Final Fantasy Infinite

Momento Mori

Chapter 3:1

Upon returning to the still smoldering Pulse, our heroes find themselves up one Esper and returned to the prosaic reality from whence they came. After their meeting with the ancient proto-being, the first living creature made from the collaboration of Esper and Crystallis, the heroes were ready to continue their journey. After convening the now trio of Espers, the group decided to head North to yet another undiscovered continent. Midflight Ramuh advises the crew that the ships fuel source, dulled by centuries of disuse, did not have the power to get them the entire way to the middle of the landmass. The Northern Continent was lush and green as our heroes settled the ship into the calm waters to dock at the first city they spied. They disembarked and questioned many locals as to their location, eventually being led to a town Elder. The city of Esto Gaza, they were informed, was the largest city on the continent, currently bustling due to the upcoming tournament of a game called Blitzball. They met with many different tribes and learned of legends of Espers and their potential whereabouts. They also were told of a strange taint that had shown up in the swamp of Conal Curach. Those who imbibe the significant water source would present with symptoms just like those exposed to toxic miasma. The Esper Fenrir was known to have a temple in the great city of Esto Gaza, where he might be summoned if his people needed him. The legendary Lifa tree also took root on the northern continent, its roots possibly the source of the Esper’s ancient taint. With a Blitzball tournament looming, town meetings concerning the toxic swamp water supply and the challenge of gathering the remaining Espers, will our heroes be able to keep their eye on the ball in this new and inviting land?



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