• Arken Crast

    Arken Crast

    "Sorry, kid. We gotta play with what we're dealt, and you just busted. Time to cash out."
  • Arr'ik Triss

    Arr'ik Triss

    "If I have to follow you to the world's end to finish this, I will. You can't run forever."
  • Corrin Dysley

    Corrin Dysley

    "What good are memories if all they bring you is pain?"
  • Elder Garret

    Elder Garret

    "I'm getting too old to face down whole armies. Once was enough, kid."
  • Felix P Tofferton III

    Felix P Tofferton III

    "As a professional, I am obligated to inform you that I am here to kill you. If you understand these terms, please sign and date here."
  • Fera


    "Being like one of them doesn't bother me. If one of your kind kills, does that in turn make you a killer?"
  • Ioren


    "The planet doesn't care if you live or die, you know. You're not destroying the world. You're only destroying yourself."
  • Jess


    "C'mon and get your ass up! Lyin' around won't get the job done, pretty boy! Now grab your sword and let's waste 'em!"
  • Leto Ineferic

    Leto Ineferic

    "The season changed, but they weren't ready for it, and the breeze took them away. They thought they could find their way home, but they didn't have a home to go back to."
  • Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith

    "There's something that looks out of place. Let's go and poke it with a stick."
  • Mirilee Elisedd

    Mirilee Elisedd

    "I will never be nameless again - not in a brave new world such as this."
  • Monty Karonet

    Monty Karonet

    "The history of the world is too damn important to let waste away in the dust!"
  • Nearien Lin Tostel

    Nearien Lin Tostel

    "I hear that word all the time, 'impossible'. I've been taking it as a challenge for years."
  • Robert Stein

    Robert Stein

    "If I must die for my council, then so be it - but I will not die without reason."
  • Ruby til Ouroboros IX

    Ruby til Ouroboros IX

    "I'm not going back! To hell with king and country! I just want my own life!"
  • Shyla Vantras

    Shyla Vantras

    "There's no such thing as heroes, brat. Just people with delusions that there's anything left worth fighting for."
  • Sir Edgar Barrow

    Sir Edgar Barrow

    "A live spent inside is hardly a life worth living. Always face the day, no matter how bad it looks."
  • Tantalus Locke

    Tantalus Locke

    "I won't fail you. Not now, not ever. I promise."
  • The Great and Powerful Steve

    The Great and Powerful Steve

    "Thank you! Thank you! For my first trick, I'm going to need several beautiful women to volunteer..."
  • Trace "Crash" Render

    Trace "Crash" Render

    "Nothing ever changes, you know. The world will turn and get worse, like it or not. We're all stories in the end, anyway, and not all of us have a happy ending."