Arken Crast

"Sorry, kid. We gotta play with what we're dealt, and you just busted. Time to cash out."


A fighter turned bounty hunter who swears by luck and has an unfortunate habit of giving her targets a sporting chance.

Class: Gambler

The House Always Wins: Though luck can be be a fickle thing, Arken’s mastery of the unusual force grants her many benefits – even when it seems to abandon her. After using Reels and busting, Arken gains the benefit of an effect, determined by whatever Reels she was using at the time.

Recovery: Arken can act in the preemptive round granted by her Bust.

Valiant/Explosive/Fortune: Roll a d6. The following effect rolled lasts for the duration of her Bust.
1. Arken gets a bonus to her ARM and M.ARM equal to her level x 2.
2. Arken gets a +1 bonus to her AVD and ACC.
3. Arken gets a +2 bonus to one attribute of her choice.
4. Arken rolls 3d6 instead of 2d6 for a single roll.
5. Use the one for your chosen Reels:

  • (Explosive/Fortune) Arken regains her level x 2 in HP and MP at the start of her turn.
  • (Valiant) Arken deals additional damage equal to her Force or Finesse x2 on all attacks.

6. Use the one for your chosen Reels:

  • (Valiant) All allies (and Arken herself) deal additional damage equal to their Force or Finesse x 2 on all attacks, whichever is higher.
  • (Fortune) All allies (and Arken herself) regain her level x 2 in HP and MP at the start of her turn.

Art: Thraben Valiant, Magic the Gathering, Jason Chan
Theme: The Bounty Of A Brain (Samus Aran) – Big Giant Circles


Snarky, ruthless, and fully dedicated to her job, Arken is a woman who bows to no one. Recognizing little authority but that which pays her for her work, she travels the continent on her faithful green chocobo Felt, searching out persons of interest and bringing them to justice. Or, in several cases, unjustice. Not everyone she seeks out has wronged the right side of the law, but she doesn’t discriminate between the two, going after whomever pays the bills. She doesn’t exactly disrespect the local forces, but she tends to treat them the same as she does anyone else.

When she finally corners her target, she hands over a weapon and tells them to fight to defend themselves. If they beat her, she lets them go free and lets her employer know that there’s no point trying to find them. If she wins, they give up and she takes them in. Accepting this deal means that they have a weapon to use against her in a fight. Denying it means that she beats them into submission anyway.

She hasn’t lost a fight yet.

Though she’s made more than a few enemies, no matter what happens to her or who goes after her, she always manages to escape danger (and look great while doing so) and come up smelling like roses. She’s had close shaves, near-death accidents, and more than a few close calls, but her luck (and her firm belief that one day, it will run out) manages to carry her through.


Growing up on the streets of Narshe is never easy, but Arken eked out a living with the rebellious attitude that would serve her well later in life. A street fighting habit lead her to numerous encounters with the police and city guard, and plenty of her nights were spent inside a holding cell. It got to the point where she began to know them all by name, and they knew here just as well. One night, a watchman commented that since she spent so much time getting into fights, why not fight the ones that would get her some money?

She liked the idea so much she decided, why not.

Three days later, she hauled in a dangerous criminal and got a decently sized reward for it. Seeing that this was a valuable career decision, she changed her job from low-tier street fighter to aspiring bounty hunter.

With a solid string of bounties, her reputation spread, and she eventually split off from Narshe – but not before spending some of her money. Deciding that she needed a flavor to further solidify her identity, she settled on a classic tried and trusted archetype – Lady Luck.

Her first visit to a hole-in-the-wall shop in Narshe was the only visit to a shop she had to make. The owner, a middle-aged woman with flaming red hair, was helpful and friendly, showing her around, telling her about the wares, and finally introducing her to an armored coat that had a little wear and tear on it, but otherwise carried a lot of flair and character.

With the coat and a dashing, tattered hat, she was about to leave when the desk clerk threw in something for free: A small charm bracelet with the symbols of the four playing card suits on it. She said that Arken reminded her a bit of herself, and she wanted her to have it. She was getting too old for things like this anyway.

Thanking her and leaving, it didn’t take Arken long to notice that something had changed. She felt a little more lucky. She felt a little more confident. And these strange reels kept appearing in the air in front of her when things got hairy. It seemed like that woman in the store had a bit more to her, but when Arken went back to ask her, the store had disappeared, and the woman along with it.

Her newfound abilities seemed only to help her, and though she didn’t let the whole thing dominate her theme, she certainly let some of it bleed over. Her skills only got better after her encounter with the lady at the store, and she’s quite happy to use them.

Her trips to Cocoon lead her to occasional bouts of fighting in the local prize fighting matches, where she encountered a woman named Jess. Striking up a friendship with the other girl quickly, the two found that they were good rivals and even better partners in combat. Though her work took (and takes) her all over the place, Arken was sure (and still is) to stop in and say hi to Jess.

She currently is on the way to Treno for a job.

Arken Crast

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