Arr'ik Triss

"If I have to follow you to the world's end to finish this, I will. You can't run forever."


A Dragon Knight with no place to call home.

Class: Dragon Knight (Dragoon)

Family Relic: Arrik’s spear is a treasured family heirloom, and she will progressively get better and better with it. As such, it is far from a normal weapon – at each level up, the spear’s Tier becomes equal to half her level rounded up. When she levels up, she can also change the weapon’s properties except Critical Attack to any other property suitable for the weapon’s tier.

She can also change the properties by spending a point of Destiny as an Instant action at any time, even during someone else’s turn. The weapon’s properties are now permanent until her next level up OR until she spends another point of Destiny.

Theme Blinded By Light – Masashi Hamauzu


Determined, driven, and formerly alone. Arr’ik’s life took a drastic turn following the trip to Tida. She’s been determinedly looking since her trip two years ago, with little success. Her adventures have brought her all over the continent, and she does her best to help when she can, though her adventure inevitably takes her away.

She’s open enough to others except when it comes to Tida and her going AWOL from the Knights. She is friendly enough, if somewhat downturned due to her past. She prizes devotion to a cause and sidelong thinking, along with the spirit to protect all who need it, regardless of circumstance.

Any mention of Tida immediately gets her attention.


Born in the city of Narshe to Trent and Jol’ee Triss, Arr’ik had a Dragon Knight for a father and a stay-at-home mother. She was raised primarily by Jol’ee, but idolized her father for his actions and efforts to keep the city safe. From a young age, she aspired to join the ranks, and she began her efforts at 16, joining the city military and working her way up. At 21, she achieved her dream.

Approximately six months ago, she went out on an assignment with her father to root out a supposed rebellion that was being housed in the ruins of Tida, where few venture.

The two journeyed with a trading caravan as far as they could before resuming their journey on foot. Given the close family bond between them, Arr’ik found her father’s behavior odd. Normally a jovial and smiling man with her, Trent was unusually stoic and silent for much of the trip, gazing out onto the landscape as it passed them by. Arr’ik thought little of it. There were many disturbing rumors and stories going around, of abductions and war preparation, and perhaps one of them had hit closer to home than others. If he wished to speak to her of it, he would.

The two arrived and began to search the village separately, looking for any signs of life or habitation. Given Tida’s size, the search would take at least two days.

Arr’ik’s efforts yielded nothing. The houses were still run down, the city lacking anything smart living there. Monsters were around, but her skill and strength took care of them. After searching for a day, she and her father reconvened over a campfire.

He stared into the flames as she rolled out her bag and wrote down what they had found. Trent himself had found no evidence, but they still had the eastern half of the city to go. Again he was quiet and somewhat moody, and looking into his eyes, Arr’ik thought she saw them deeper and emptier than she’d ever seen him. It was then that a little voice in the back of her head starting telling her that something was wrong with this.

The next morning, the two awoke and had a small breakfast before setting out once more. The silence of the city held fast, and the small nagging feeling that something wasn’t right grew as Arr’ik hopped around the city, spear in front of her.

Her searching eventually took her to the library, once filled with researchers and tourists. The books were dissolving with time, many of them having fallen into a bad state out of neglect and exposure. A few moments of somewhat reverential exploration lead her to the back section, where a large portrait of a wizened, bearded old man was on the wall, bathed in natural daylight.

The air around the wall seemed to make Arr’ik’s hair stand on the end, like there was something or someone here that she couldn’t see. She was being watched, she was sure of it, but no one was around.

Hefting her spear, she heard the sound of footsteps behind her, and she quickly turned around, ready to thrust – but her father stumbled up and collapsed on the floor, shaking and pale, eyes closed.

Arr’ik dropped her spear and rushed forward, picking him up with her shoulder, letting him rest on her. She moved him forward and gently set him down, leaning him against the wall.

He seemed delusional, mumbling about the crystals and relics. He was wincing and groaning, an occasional muscle spasm shaking his body. To Arr’ik, it looked like he might have Miasma poisoning, and a quick glance to his neck revealed no crystal. Shocked, she asked him where it went.

He didn’t answer, but he did face her, eyes open now. They looked gone, like the man she knew had been left behind.

He asked if it was her. She nodded, confused. He spoke weakly, his words slow to come out. He said to run, run far away.

She didn’t move. He told her to go. She shook her head.

His eyes closed once more, and something began to glow red on his right arm beneath his clothes. He said he was sorry, and that he loved her, but it was too late now.

Her head racing and her heart aching, she shook him lightly and asked him what had happened.

He didn’t respond.

There was a bright red flash of light, and an explosion of energy blew Arr’ik back, her spear clattering on the floor next to her. Looking up when she could, her father was gone. Where he lay, a terrible monster stood, groaning in some language she couldn’t understand.

Flabbergasted and torn inside, she couldn’t move. The thing approached her and swiped at her with one massive clawed arm, and her reflexes took her out of the way. Her spear was in her hands in a moment, pointed at the abomination. She shouted out Trent’s name, begging him to stop, but the thing didn’t respond – it only lunged at her again, and she turned his arm away with her spear.

She took a jump back, again shouting his name, and again it gave no indication of hearing her or stopping.

Reluctantly, she jumped into the air, leaping from a bookshelf, and with a hard downward thrust, she pierced the monster though the torso. There was a groan and a scream, and finally it stopped moving. A small rush of wind accompanied the kill, and when it was over, she collapsed on the ground, unable to move as all she had been holding back overwhelmed her. Her father was gone, turned into this…thing, and now she had killed him. It. She had killed it.

Eventually, she stood up, leaving the corpse there. His old spear became hers, and a search of his bag that he had left at the campsite revealed his tags. She attached them by the head of the weapon, packed up, and left Tida for Narshe, demanding answers.

The debriefing was long, and her commanding officers were unable to elaborate on what happened – out of ignorance, they claimed. She had found no evidence of rebellion, but the chain of command seemed to loop around, and no one would give her a straight answer on who assigned the mission to her father.

Frustrated with a lack of evidence and constant suspicion, Arr’ik resigned her position in the army and went AWOL, refusing to report for duty. She met a few times with her mother, giving her what she could find in his packs, and telling her that she wouldn’t be back for a while.

Then, she left Narshe for Lindblum, determined to scour the city’s library for answers.

Arr'ik Triss

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