Trace "Crash" Render

"Nothing ever changes, you know. The world will turn and get worse, like it or not. We're all stories in the end, anyway, and not all of us have a happy ending."


A disillusioned medic driven by a sense of duty, but absorbed in the despair that the current world has to offer.

Class: White Mage

Triage: He was a researcher before he was a medic, and he’s far from lost his touch in that. Once per combat during his turn, Crash may cast a Recovery White Magic spell that he knows as an Instant action with no MP expenditure.

Art:, by Qinni
Theme: Redemption – bLiNd


The near personification of the raincloud over someone’s head, Crash didn’t start that way, but he sure ended up that way. He feels perpetually exhausted and frustrated with the way things are, as he has come up against one of the worst things for a doctor to face: a slow, degenerative disease with no cure.

It was no big event that did it, no grand occasion that finally made him realize that the world was an unending cycle of bad endings – it was just all the little things. The constant attacks and mutilations from the hundreds of monsters that roamed. The perpetual cases of miasma-poisoned children, wasting away as he tried to purge the poison from their body. The late-night shifts dealing with the results of a border dispute, sometimes having to treat people he knew. The mining accidents, the magical accidents, the working accidents, all of it. No matter what he did, no matter how many people he healed, no matter how many people he fixed, more kept coming. Every day. Every hour.

When faced with that kind of reality – the grim reality that we are fragile creatures living in a dangerous world – he couldn’t completely handle it. He could fix wounds, he could mend broken bones and bring someone back from the brink of death, but he couldn’t fix people, and he couldn’t fix the world. To know that anything you do is at best a temporary measure is a heavy weight on a mind.

Still, he can not, and never will, remove that sense of duty that drives him, creating an odd dichotomy – he loathes the world and the way it works, but he continues working to fix it anyway by never refusing aid if it is needed. Though he can be a bit of a dour companion, he is far from completely lost to a sense of nihilism and utter despair.

He expresses this in a gruff attitude and general pessimistic view on life. Always quick with a negative comment on his situation or a cutting remark, he reacts to even the strangest of situations with barely a raised eyebrow. He tends to feel best when he’s absorbed in work, when he can forget that whatever he’s doing is just a fix for the symptoms, and not a treatment for the problem. Then, he seems almost truly alive and happy, and not even he can fully repress the sense of pride and slight accomplishment that comes when he manages to help someone who needs him.


A White Mage by trade, Crash’s career began young. His aptitude in magic was discovered when he was a child, and his open-minded approach to the arts lead on a fast-track through the Nu Mou College of Mages.

He became immersed in the studies of the lost White magic. Ever since the Crystal War, countless years had been spent attempting to find the forgotten knowledge of the conflict. Scrolls of strange language were only so useful, and theories could only go so far. He eventually championed the idea that perhaps the general idea of attempting to rediscover the old ways was nothing more than wasting time. Rather than looking towards the past, which had worked well for Black Mages, they should be building a new future.

Through his graduate project (development of more adaptable and agile methods for spellcasting-on-demand), he proved that his theory had merit. His crowning achievement was his work in revivification – taking the traditional incantations, he worked to find the commonalities between spells in the White school, particularly the more time-intensive ones (Life) and the quicker, common ones (Cure). Much of his effort was spent studying the quick casting times of many Black magic spells, reasoning that all magic had some common base and the only thing that differentiated the schools was intent.

Whether or not he was correct on the common base, whatever he did worked. A spell that formerly took upwards of several minutes was reduced to mere seconds, with no loss in effectiveness. He was hailed as a genius in the field, and he accepted a position with the Royal Mages in Lindblum. He immediately dove back into research, but he found that he preferred being a field mage or emergency mage better than being up in some office somewhere, studying. To that end, he quit and moved to Narshe, feeling that he would be of better use there.

He was right – given Narshe’s propensity to attract monster attacks and the omnipresent mining situation, the city had more than enough injury fodder. Disillusionment began to set in after a few years there, especially after conditions didn’t improve. The situation never really got better, and 15 years of working as an emergency response mage took a toll on Trace, by now nicknamed Crash by the rest of his White Mages.

Eventually, he grew tired and frustrated at the lack of change in the world and the consistent state of repetition. He quit and began to wonder around from city to city, finding it impossible to sit somewhere and settle down.

His latest journeys have taken him through the North Gate to the eastern part of the continent.

Trace "Crash" Render

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