Sir Edgar Barrow

"A live spent inside is hardly a life worth living. Always face the day, no matter how bad it looks."


An aging man who’s seen so much, but wants to see more before he’s gone.

Class: Samurai

Man’s Best Friend: Sir Edgar and Watcher operate like two cogs of a well-oiled machine. Edgar gets the Animal Companion ability for free, and Watcher knows the following tricks: Bonded, Aggressive, and Talkative. The two may also, as part of Watcher’s normally granted attack, make a Teamwork Attack.

Theme: ‘Kamuy’ – a2c



Sir Edgar Barrow’s words are accented by the wisdom that comes with experience. They’re also usually hidden behind a gruff demeanor and muttered complaints that the youth of today don’t get how the world works, but that’s secondary. He’s not afraid to tell it like it is, feeling that coddling or babying will only hurt them in the long run.

If his years have taught him anything, it’s that no one got anywhere by standing around and waiting for it to happen. His long line of successful endeavors, expeditions, and entertainments have proved that the only way to get anything in life is to go out and work for it. His guiding philosophy of pragmatism and self-making has proven successful in most aspect of his life, and it’s what’s motivating him to go out and explore the continent in his older age.

He is used to travelling and working with just himself and his animal companion, a wolf that he’s named Watcher. He feels a kinship with Watcher unlike anyone else, finding him to be a useful and faithful companion. He will speak to Watcher as though he is as intelligent as any sentient creature.

He’s out to see the world and everything inside of it while he’s able, and he’s very intent on not spending his years behind a desk.


Sir Edgar was born into a decently middle classed family in Cocoon, center of commerce for the continent. Much of his early years were spent helping his father run his fishing company, learning the ins and outs of running such a company, managing employees, handling accidents, and all the fun implications thereof.

When he was sufficiently aged into his 20s, Edgar branched from his father and started his own business, using some capital from his family. Rather than fishing, he decided to focus on another compatible aspect: supply. He created a factory to create both replacements for the fishing supplies and develop new ideas for the business. He struck it big when his company was able to develop and manufacture a new style of net for fishing.

It was a breakthrough success, enabling him to branch into more and more aspects. After years of heading the company, he grew bored and decided to go off and adventure on his own for a while. He funded several expeditions to rarely explored parts of the continent and even into the desert, personally attending and going with each one.

He returned from each one with either information or artifacts from the Crystal War. From there, he decided to simply throw himself into each new idea he had, letting his company run the course it was on.

His years passed. He visited every city, explored and went out on his own, got into fights, and saw most of what there was to see – but he could not shake one single regret: the continent had still bound him. That would not do. Perhaps the answers he sought were in Tida, so he made a short personal journey there.

His exploration of the town was brief, but poignant. It was there that he found an injured wolf, and after some cajoling, managed to get in close and help the creature out with a little food and bandage. When he awoke, it was still there. When he made a move to leave, it followed. When he journeyed back home, it was by his side. For whatever reason, the pack had left it for dead, and now it had a new alpha.

Recently, Edgar has been attempting to get his company off of the ground, and while he’s come up with a few ideas, no definitive headway has been achieved as of yet. Since rumors of war have begun to sprout up, he finds his mind more occupied with thoughts of the old days, when he was still learning his way in the world. He yearns for the chance at a new adventure; to once again witness sights and events never before seen by the civilized world, before this coming conflict has a chance to take it all away.

He’s made a personal promise that he will not rest until he has seen all there is to see.

Sir Edgar Barrow

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