Elder Garret

"I'm getting too old to face down whole armies. Once was enough, kid."


A wise old sage who knows more than he lets on.

Class: Red Mage

Time To Improvise: Elder Garret’s got a long, complex history behind him, and he can pull strange abilities out of seemingly nowhere. Never before has a better Red Mage existed, or will exist. Once per day as an Instant action, Elder Garret gains access to the Innate ability of any other Job the duration of the current scene and/or combat. Specific rules for Abilities are below:

Learning – Any Blue Mage spells Elder Garret learns are kept when the scene ends, and are usable like any other spell on his spell list.
From The Heart – The passive bonus does not stack with another Entertainer’s From The Heart. Instead, the higher one applies.

Art: http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Elminster_Aumar, from Wizards of the Coast.
Theme: Breaking Through South Gate – Nobuo Uematsu


An old man who has seen much of life, Elder Garret rarely speaks, but when he does, he speaks volumes of wisdom. He is always willing to offer his knowledge and experience to the younger generation, along with the occasional magical spell, but he knows that the greatest teacher of all is experience. He will offer counsel and guidance when asked, with a pithy quote or koan, but he has always advocated the value of doing things yourself.

He frowns upon those who are carried along when they could easily stand on their own two feet. Hard work and dedication are, he feels, admirable traits. He strongly prizes honesty and good old fashioned strength, feeling that those who cannot stand up for what they believe in, even if metaphorically, are not worthy of supporting that belief. What good is having an opinion if you will not fight to defend it – even if you are wrong?

He always seems to have a story about an event from his life (and his proximity to famous occurences), but many of them are so fantastical that they simply must be made up. They might be. Or, they might not. No one’s really sure, except the Elder, and he’s not saying.

The presence of spirited young folk brings out the best in him, and he seems to be constantly amazed by the accompishments of his fellow creations.


Elder Garret was born a long time ago in the city of Lindblum. As a young boy, he found an interest in magical studies and devoted himself to joining the Royal Mages. He achieved this goal and had a long, successful career with them. When he reached the age of 40, he retired from the Mages, took what was left of his life’s earnings, and set about to venture. His friends thought he was crazy. His family thought he was insane.

What follows is enough for six volumes of adventures. His told exploits:

- An encounter with the Walking Cathedral of the Miasmic Continent.
- An honorary member of the desert walkers.
- A lead witness in the high profile trial and execution from the Cocoon Banking Crisis of thirty years prior.
- Honorary member of the Dragon Knights
- Record keeper and witness to the Narshe Siege by monster forces.
- Member of the Crystal Caravan, a group of travellers that were the only surviving members of the Tida disaster.
- Participant in the Narshe Civil Uprising
- Attained Grand Master from the Mage Academy in Lundblum
- Served on the Cocoon Board of Directors

and many, many, many more things that he does not wish to list.

Elder Garret

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