Felix P Tofferton III

"As a professional, I am obligated to inform you that I am here to kill you. If you understand these terms, please sign and date here."


A professional ninja who comes from a long line of professional ninjas, polite to a fault and sticking to the highest standards.

Class: Ninja

Social Camouflage: Felix has spent many, many hours (and many more in field work) honing his ability to blend with any crowd. When in an urban environment, if he makes a Stealth check to hide, he effectively gains the Invisible status effect (though he is not actually invisible) at the GM’s discretion. He loses this status when he attacks, takes damage, or uses an Ability.

In addition, Felix is proficient with Brawl weapons.

Art: Shizuo Heiwajima (character), DuRaRaRa!!. Actual artist unknown, likely some concept art.
Theme: Damn Those Turks! (Turks’ Theme) – Daniel Baranowsky


The epitome of class, Felix is an honorable man in a dishonorable profession.

The life and times of a career hitman and professional killer are fraught with peril and danger, but Felix keeps a cool head and a smooth attitude at all times. He is polite and cordial in all social situations, recognizing that sweet words and an adept tongue are required as often as a steady hand and a sharp eye. He blends in best with high-society types, but he is a superb actor and a good negotiator, able to take the reigns of a conversation and steer it where he wants it to go.

He takes his job seriously, refusing to compromise his professionalism for any reason. To that end, his assassinations are more often than not quiet, low-profile affairs that only involve himself and his target – and in every case, the target is made aware of their imminent demise before Felix actually finishes the contract. After all, to forbid them an opportunity to wrap up some important matters is a huge insult, both to his target and to his craft. He has nowhere to be.

What really separates Felix from your run-of-the-mill thug is that his assassinations come with a higher caliber and element of prestige than just hiring Joe Thug Guy from the streets of Narshe. His skill and professionalism demand a certain level of respect (and money), and being killed by Felix often means that the job was merely cutthroat business tactics. It means that the person who took the hit out on you respects you enough to send a highly-trained and exceptionally prestigious assassin after you. While few would go so far as to say that being killed by a member of the Tofferton family is an honor, none would disagree that it is certainly a compliment in a way all its own.

Outside of a job, Felix is amicable and strives for professionalism and respect in all aspects of his life. He is smartly dressed, well-groomed, and the very picture of class and manners. His identity as a Tofferton is kept secret from everyone, as he ascribes to the old adage of hiding in plain sight – his cover identity is Alex Bauer, a jack-of-all-trades from Cocoon.

His calling card for assassinations is a literal business card, with his name and some basic contact information on it.

His middle name is exceptionally embarrassing, and he refuses to say it, even to close friends or business acquaintances.


Felix was raised from an early age to take up the family business. The Tofferton line is well-known for their particular choice of a family career, and though they have a small army of businessmen to front their (usually legitimate) corporations and companies, the family itself rarely grows to large sizes.

Felix was an only child for a few years before he was joined by a brother and sister, both of whom were trained as he was. Much of his childhood was spent in training, be it for stealth, disguise, etiquette, weapons, general combat, poisons, or any other number of things. The Tofferton children were expected to be well-versed and well-rounded in all aspects, to make their social disguises nearly perfect and seamless for their assignments.

Felix made his first kill when he was 18, and he’s been working hard for his family for the 7 years since then. His work is, as expected, top-quality, and he is rewarded for it, though he rarely splurges his family’s money. He often spent his time working odd jobs in the various cities he was around, using the opportunity as valuable research and information gathering. His favorite was bartender, finding the job enjoyable and the gossip useful.

His most recent assignment has taken him to the city of Cocoon.

Felix P Tofferton III

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