"Being like one of them doesn't bother me. If one of your kind kills, does that in turn make you a killer?"


A shadow creature that once protected the Subterranean City, she now travels the world, looking for a new place and a new purpose.

Class: Stalker (Ranger/Thief)

Natural Selection: Fera is a creature unlike many others in the world, and her unique biology suits her skills quite well. She gains the following benefits:

  • She is considered of the Fiend type (not Humanoid) and gains an inherent +2 to Dexterity.
  • She does not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep so long as she has access to natural sunlight (or artificial light of a sunlight level) for at least two hours each day.
  • She is immune to the Blind status effect due to her echolocation, with one exception: if she is ever under the Seal status effect, she is also Blinded for the duration of being Sealed.
  • All attacks she makes have the Fiend Eater property automatically attached to them.

Art: http://mell0w-m1nded.deviantart.com/art/Kairi-Anti-form-132193002
Theme: Remember (Awakening) – Joshua Morse


Off-putting, unusual looking, and unable to speak as most do, Fera is an oddity within the continent.

Made of shadows, she prowls the Subterranean City at night, hunting and killing the shades that roam such a place. She appears to be a shade herself, though her yellow eyes distinguish her from the others. Oddly enough, the eyes appear to be purely cosmetic or vestigial – she sees, as the shades do, by echolocation generated from where her mouth would be.

She is only completely silent when sleeping. Even when resting, she will utter a click every few seconds. More clicks accompany faster movement and a greater need to see clearly.

She reacts to new situations with curiosity, but ultimately indifference, as long as the new situations do not involve her current mission. Right now, that is the elimination and destruction of the shades that she finds. She is not, however, unhelpful. In the times when she cannot or does not hunt them, she shows an increase of curiosity and a perfect willingness to assist. It seems that her dedication to whatever job is assigned to her will override many other priorities or self-set goals she has.

Though the outside world remains unknown to her, she does not fear what she does not know. She has lived her entire life in the Subterranean City, doing the job she has always known. New things or strange places are almost an unknown concept to her, but not enough of one that she would be completely at a loss when faced with unfamiliar circumstances. Her sense of curiosity is still there, though it is tempered and held in check by her sense of self-preservation and wariness.


Her memories begin with the deep ringing sounds of three bells. There was a long silence after that, and she felt cold all over, down to her inside, to her very core. After a long time, a time she could not comprehend, the feeling of coldness that oppressed her existence gave way to a warmth – a warmth she has always felt since. Her first clicks generated a picture in her mind, giving her information about the world. Her body was fast and agile. Her mind was aware of itself, and what it had to do.

She learned that the warmth would increase for a time, then decrease for a time. Both times were equal. She knew that more warmth meant day, and less warmth meant night. At night, they come.

They speak as she does. They feel warm as she does, but they must hunt as if they do not. sticking to cold areas to avoid detection. They hunt for anything and everything inside the city and caves. They search all floors, they scuttle through the hallways, they find anything and everything that wanders into the caves and the streets. They find it, and they kill it, and they take the warmth away from it and turn it into another one of them.

As they hunt, though, she hunts them.

Often, they never know she is there, but she is – and by the time they know, it is too late for them. She strikes quickly, attacking them with her heat-giving weapon, turning them very warm and crackling and sizzling, causing them to utter a staccato series of clicks and a harsh squeal of pain and agony. She avoids their attacks, weaving in and out of a group of them, letting them harm each other in their efforts. Soon, they are dead, and she stands before their corpses before absorbing the shadows they have, what warmth they manage.

That is her task, as she knows. That is her duty, until she is given another. She has never been given another. She does not know who would give it to her anyway.

Ever since the bells that tolled her life rang, she has known what she must do – and that was always to hunt the shades. She has never known a life with intelligence other than her own around her. The shades are cunning and tricky, but they are not intelligent in the way that she is. They are instinctive creatures. Perhaps once they were as smart as she. She sees signs sometimes of it, but those too fade into pure instinct and pack mentality.

The city she lives in was once home to many more, she knows. She has found books and signs and
carvings that indicate that there were beings that resided here, using the houses and businesses and temple. She does not know much about them, aside from that they were not shades. Many of them left a long time ago. She does not know how long. Not all of them left. She does not know what happened to them, and as long as she has a goal that does not involve them, she will continue to not know.

The bells brought her to awaken for the first time. They have rung again now, perhaps for the last time.


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