"The planet doesn't care if you live or die, you know. You're not destroying the world. You're only destroying yourself."


An offbeat representative of the planet who is often the bearer of bad news – in the form of natural disasters.

Class: Geomancer

Gaia’s Embrace: Ioren’s connection with the planet means that no matter where he goes, he is always under the watchful eye of nature. Ioren always recovers 100% of his HP and MP after a rest, and he can consecrate the immediate area (as the White Magic spell Consecrate) any time outside of combat for free. In addition, Ioren always acts in the preemptive round of combat, if there is one (though he goes last if the party caught by surprise).

If Ioren ever possesses the Geoawareness Job Ability, the second part changes: Ioren always gets a surprise round on the enemies in combat, even if they catch the rest of the party by surprise (yes, that does mean two surprise rounds).

Art: Jace Beleren from Magic The Gathering, from numerous official sources.
Theme: Overture (Halo 3: ODST) – Martin O’Donnell & Michael Salvatori


Simultaneously a curiosity and a bad omen, Ioren’s presence at any point in the continent is far from welcomed – usually because he is a harbinger of a worse fate. His coming is always followed by some kind of natural disaster of varied severity. At best, it’s a moderate rainstorm or windstorm. At worst, a hurricane or major earthquake. Fortunately, his “worst” visits have been mercifully rare.

He’s practically a legend on the continent. Records of his presence date back centuries, and no one knows for sure just how old he is. No one’s really asked, either, given how impolite it is. His clothes have not changed as far as anyone can tell, and he carries the same equipment as he always has – a simple walking stick, a dusty travelling sack, and a tarnished silver bangle.

Being (as rumored) born of the earth and tied to it in all ways, he tends to embody it in his attitude. He seems to rarely be concerned with minor problems or bumps in the road, focusing on the larger things that make big impacts. He is passive in his words, but for times that require the wrath of the planet, he is more than able to deliver said wrath. Sins against the planet rarely concern him, as the world will spin on regardless, but his generally neutral feelings do not prevent him from doing the right thing.

His most distinguishing feature, aside from his signature clothing set, is that the bottom left side of his face is darkened and sick-looking. This does not hamper or impair him in any way, but it is representative of the sickness of the Miasmic Continent.


Accounts of him walking the continent have persisted for longer than anyone can remember, but if he existed before the Crystal War, there’s no proof – it was lost along with almost everything else.

When asked, he merely replies that he was here at the beginning, and he will be here at the end.


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