"C'mon and get your ass up! Lyin' around won't get the job done, pretty boy! Now grab your sword and let's waste 'em!"


A street brawler who plays by her own rules and will do anything for a thrill.

Class: Monk

Never Give Up!: Jess’ many brawls and many more drinking contests have gifted her with the ability to take a lot of punishment, and she never goes down for good without one hell of a fight. She is continually under the effects of Auto-Life, but instead of restoring her to 1 HP, it restores her to 25% of her maximum HP. She can only be revived by this ability once per combat.

If she gains Auto-Life from another source, the uses stack. When she gets revived, she can choose which source she wants to use to revive.

In addition, Jess can wear two Accessories at once, and gain the benefits of both.

Theme: Snow’s Theme – Masasha Hamauzu


With a perpetual smirk gracing her lips, Jess is always ready for a good brawl. Passionate about fighting and living as much of life as she can, she’s energetic and enthusiastic beyond almost all reasoning. If she doesn’t get into at least one friendly brawl per afternoon, she considers the day wasted. The thrill of combat (or skydiving, or chocobo racing, or a drinking contest, or…) is what she lives for, that rush that she gets whenever she’s got to press her body to the limit.

She’s always open to finding new friends and exciting adventures, no matter where she goes. She sticks along with any group that lives a consistently exhilarating life, regardless of what side of the law they’re on, finding that the risk making it even better. She’s okay with most minor crimes and property damage, but taking the lives of innocents is something she’s decidedly against. If they’re dead, how can they experience the inspiring range of adrenaline sources that life has to offer?

Becoming the greatest brawler in the world is a thought that’s entered her mind, but honestly, she just wants to have some fun. Her day job of running the bar keeps her in a steady place, and she spends her nights in prize-fighting competitions, in professional fighting tournaments, or in illegal street brawls. She’s been to the local jail more than once, but never on anything serious.

She has no desire to stay sedentary and lead a consistent everyday life, so she finds enough excitement in her current life to keep her attention – but if someone (or something) more interesting comes along, being lured away from where she is would be pretty easy.

She prizes the freedom and independence of her life, enjoying not being under the thumb or paycheck of anyone but herself. She has no problems following a strong leader, of course, but she marches to the beat of her own drum and tends to go with her own ideas in most scenarios.


Jess, full name Jessényth Estéllise Söllinḯo Shimmérhide, was born to a moderately upper-classed family in Cocoon. Her life path was laid out ahead of her from the moment she was brought into the world, meticulously planned out by her parents who wanted nothing but the best for their child.

Unfortunately for them, Jess didn’t quite turn out like they expected.

Though smart enough to do well enough in studies, Jess had little patience and spent most of her time running around the family’s gardens and yards, sneaking off into town when she was supposed to be in class. Her grades suffered because of it and she cared little about it, getting into fights during school hours and getting into a lot of trouble for that reason. She made friends well enough, but she wasn’t anything like her parents wanted her to be.

Tired and frustrated with the situation, she finally decided to give up on schooling and left when she was 14. Finding work doing odd jobs around the town, attempts by her parents to call her back (even sending police or knights after her) met with little success. She preferred her own life, however unreliable and uncertain it may be, to whatever plans they had in mind.

It wasn’t long before she got caught up in the street fighting circuits, where she and a woman named Arken got into plenty of duels – and co-op fights as well. Finding a worthy partner/rival in the other, the two met frequently in the ring (and out of it) when Arken visited Cocoon. After talking with the other girl, and hearing that Arken had mostly quit the fighting to become a bounty hunter, Jess decided it was time for a change in her own life as well and decided to get work at a local bar as a bouncer. It gave her an excuse to let out some of her energy against idiots that deserved a punch anyway.

She was good at her job, and eventually she got enough money and contacts to start up her own bar. Purchasing a run down one in the city’s fishing district, she opened up the Bound Fist. Though it took some time, it eventually became a popular spot, known for the lively atmosphere as well as top-quality drinks for decent prices. She was barely able to keep it in the black, but that was just fine with her. She preferred having a crowd of dedicated regulars and frequent drinking contests in exchange for not making as much money as she would have.

She’s had that bar for a few years (she’s now in her mid 20s), and has made some effort to reconnect with her parents. Though they don’t exactly approve of where she is, they try their best to keep that part out of their feelings for her. She’s still their daughter, and she’s made her own life, which is something they respect.

That’s where she is now, always on the look for a new adventure or worthy opponent to spar with. It’s not hard to impress her or earn her interest, and she keeps on the alert for interesting news or rumors to go check out for herself.

She’s currently on the way to Treno after having heard a rumor that the wanted ex-Dragon Knight Arr’ik was spotted going in that direction.


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