Leto Ineferic

"The season changed, but they weren't ready for it, and the breeze took them away. They thought they could find their way home, but they didn't have a home to go back to."


A top-notch Dark Knight who is anything but stereotypical, in more ways than one.

Class: Dark Knight

The Beast Inside: Leto’s past is as mysterious as her words, but whatever it contains, it changed her forever. First, Leto is immune to the miasma, and if she has Bad Blood, she is actually healed by it, absorbing any damage she would normally take.

Second, as an Instant action, Leto can change her form – her skin darkens to a near pitch black, her eyes glow red, and her shadow seems to expand and turn wild as the forbidden magic inside of her is allowed to surface. Her race changes from Humanoid to Fiend, so she gains a Vulnerability to Holy and loses her Vulnerability to Shadow (if she has one – if she Absorbs Shadow, she Absorbs Holy). She can change back as an Instant action at the start of her turn, but not on the same turn she activates it. This form also has the following properties:

  • She gains a temporary bonus equal to her Force to PWR or RES, and as part of the change, she makes an opposed Force roll against all enemies (made before adjusting her scores). If she wins or ties, the enemy is affected by the status effect Fear. Any new enemies into the combat must make this opposed roll as well when they enter. Each enemy can only be affected by this ability once per combat.
  • While in this form, she cannot cast any spells and cannot recover HP by any means, including (but not limited to) Cure spells, Potions, Regen, or the HP Drain ability on a piece of equipment.
  • If Leto is brought to 0 HP or below in this form, she can choose to continue to act as normal, or she can fall unconscious at any point on her turn as an Instant action. If she is brought to negative HP equal to 25% of her maximum HP while still acting, she dies. This death can be prevented as normal through Destiny expenditure. If she instead resumes her normal form while having 0 or below HP, she is immediately KO’d and brought to 0 HP.
  • Though much of her mind is unaffected in this form, her aggression levels rise and she turns a bit bestial in nature. She retains her sense of friend/foe and loyalty – the only thing that changes is her anger level, expressed as a quiet fury.

Art: http://anonamos701.deviantart.com/art/RWBY-Ruby-Sketch-434674488, by anonamos701. Original design by Monty Oum.
Theme: From Shadows – Jeff Williams


Though her feet are nearly always on the ground, Leto is a girl with her head in the clouds. Prone to odd statements and strange utterances, she is regarded as an oddity by most that meet her. Her curiosities and mannerisms mystify nearly all that encounter her, be they out-of-left-field comments on the ambient air temperature, observations on the intrinsic nature of building walls, or walking on her hands over a sewer grate. She’s not dour, though, and though her comments may be strange and weird, her genuine smile and sweet-tempered optimism manage to win out most who see her – provided they can deal with the strangeness. Her words, however obscured they may be, contains valuable grains of truth.

“I don’t know what to make of this, Crash,” Edgar said dismally. “It’s a hell of a sc- Leto, what are you doing?”
The girl knelt down and set her weapon aside, looking at the skeletons on the floor of the cavern. “They danced until they could dance no more, falling to their feet, laughing at the sky.” She looked back to the samurai, smiling slightly. “But they forgot that the sun never comes out to see in here.”
Edgar glanced back at the white mage, puzzled. Crash sighed and shook his head with a frown, understanding as much as the samurai did.
“Don’t make faces,” Leto said as she continued to face away from them.

When the fighting starts, though, her demeanor changes entirely. Gone is the sweetness and cheerful attitude, replaced only by a single-minded desire: rage. The shadow energy that gives her power fills her with an anger that is beyond redemption or pacification. She becomes an unstoppable machine of death and violence, and she shows no mercy unless she was ordered to.

This rage, however, is still filtered through her usual veil of bafflement, and this leads to some interesting results. Her anger is clear, and violence is obvious, but at the same time she’s able to find the beauty in blood splattering on the walls and floor. Her words and phrases become even more nonsensical, part of a continuous, epic story that only she knows. To anyone else, they are meaningless drabble. To her, though, they are gospel and purposeful.

“Holy mother, Leto, what did you do to them?”
“They walked on their feet and saw with their eyes, turning the beauty into chaos, turning the light into dark.” The girl looked back at the bloodstained room, face passive as she wiped a streak of red from her cheek. “When they couldn’t see the good anymore, they couldn’t see the end coming through the shade, and they lost their way with no signpost to guide them.”

She tends to follow the most nearby authority and has no problems taking orders from someone in command of a situation. She would rather have a clear idea of what to do and who to fight than be left to pick it for herself. Being alone and aimless was one part of her life that she would rather leave behind. So long as she has company and someone to follow, she feels content.

Her current job will only stick as long as she doesn’t get a better offer, or find someone she likes more. While she has no crave for adventure, finding someone she could respect and follow to the end is pretty high on her list. Someone who cares for her, understands her (even just a little), and won’t leave her alone is someone she’ll like.


Frankly, your guess is as good as anyone else’s.

When asked about her past, Leto’s normally muddied words become downright unrecognizable. The story seems to change every time she’s asked, and she doesn’t speak much on the subject. The first time anyone really remembers seeing her is in Cocoon, when she first rose to prominence by absolutely slaughtering some gang members that were attempting to rob and kill the owner of an inn as part of some initiation ritual. She was a guest at the inn, and when questioned, reported that “she forgot who she was, trapped inside the shell, but then she saw the door open and she remembered.”

Again, your guess is as good as anyone else’s.

Carrying little but a strange whip-scythe, the young(?) girl was sought out by the Silver Guardians. With offers of good food, a large bed, and an effective team to work with, Leto accepted the position in the PMC, getting added to the roster. She quickly found her niche as someone capable of immense destruction of personnel, with strange abilities that seemed tinged with miasma, leading to devastating effect on most beings.

Her rise through the ranks from bottom-rung soldier to elite operative did not go unnoticed, and she was soon hired by the Cocoon City Council as part of their arm of the law – specifically, the special operations force known as the Crystal Seekers. Though many of the PMCs or low-level officers of the law could deal with much of Cocoon’s crime problem, the Seekers existed as a specific measure to used only in situations that required a certain level of skill. Large-scale standoffs, exceedingly dangerous criminals or gangs, and high-security raids on corporations required their intervention, and within the group, Leto found her spot as a strong forward agent, able to take hits and still punish the offenders. Her heavy-hitting specialization came in handy on more than one occasion.

(Art by Memipong)

Leto Ineferic

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