Knight Commander Lisbeth Terraria

The leader of Narshe's elite Dragon Knights.


Lisbeth Terraria is the ruthless and dangerously efficient commander of the Narshe Dragon Knights. Well respected in her position, she has climbed to the top through a long and commendation-filled career.

Determined, driven, and very dangerous, Lisbeth has ascended to her current position after growing out her troubled youth as a street rat in the slums of Narshe. A chance encounter helping to catch a thief caught the eye of a local Dragon Knight, and her time spent in the Narshe military did wonders for her skill set. Before long, she was at the top of her unit, and a transfer over to the Dragon Knights was hardly a surprise.

Through years of dedicated service and many accomplishments, including her single-handed defense of the Magical Studies college from a swarm of monsters, she distinguished herself as going above and beyond the call of duty on more than one occasion. At the young age of 35, she was named Knight Commander, a position she still holds to this day.

Lisbeth has on many occasions worked with Robert Stein, of the Watch. They have a mutual respect for each other, and have met up outside of work several times, willing to confide in the other.

Before she assumed to that position, she was the primary teacher and mentor of Arr’ik Triss, and Lisbeth was good friends with Trent. Though Lisbeth passed on the assignment of Tida to Arr’ik and Trent, it had come from higher within the command structure, and Lisbeth was unable to figure out who had given her the assignment in the first place. However, Arr’ik and Lisbeth here took very different paths. Though Lisbeth lamented the loss of Trent and attempted to move on, Arr’ik refused to give up, and eventually went AWOL out of desperation and frustration.

In the intervening time, Lisbeth has been preparing the Knights for war – and high command has passed on several stories of a rogue Dragon Knight on the continent, breaking into restricted areas and threatening the lives of innocent civilians.

Lisbeth has lots of questions for Arr’ik, as does Arr’ik for Lisbeth, and it’s not known just how many answers will be given.

Knight Commander Lisbeth Terraria

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