Tantalus Locke

"I won't fail you. Not now, not ever. I promise."


A good-natured thief on the run.

Class: Thief.

Hey, Look, A Distraction!: When there’s a knight in shining armor swinging a massive sword at you or a mage pelting your entire body with ice, you tend not to notice the sneaky thief, and Tantalus likes that. A number of times per combat up to his Finesse score, when performing a Teamwork attack, Tantalus may reroll one of the dice of his attack roll. In addition, any time Tantalus attacks an opponent with 0 AVD, his damage increases by one step. These abilities stack with any Job Abilities Tantalus has (such as Assassin’s Kiss).

Art: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=7377732
Theme: He’s A Pirate – Klaus Badelt


It’s hard to put a good man down, and Tantalus Locke exemplifies that. Brave and charming, the treasure hunter always has a grin on his face and someone else’s coins in his pocket. He enjoys a good joke, usually poking fun at his comrades, and even in battles he cannot remain truly serious. He has a penchant for protecting and guarding girls that he encounters, defending them from evil or misfortune and ensuring that they remain safe.

His career involves travelling the known world, searching dangerous ruins and ancient locales for hidden relics and forgotten treasures. When in towns, he makes his living off the rich and from selling what he finds. He works hard to ensure that his travelling companions are still in good spirits, and he’s a dependable leader – able to stay strong in the face of despair, knowing that with a good word and some running, things will turn out all right.


Tantalus Locke was born to an adventuring couple in Lindblum – originally an artist pair that grew bored with their lifestyle, they sold what they had left, moved into a smaller shack, and stocked up on gear to go out exploring.

Given the war and the world, they were particularly foolhardy – but that lead to success. The monsters kept most others away from the ruins and relics that the world had to offer, and the duo capitalized on this. The high risk lifestyle lead to an interesting childhood for Tantalus, who rarely accompanied his father on the adventures – most of the time, he was at home while his mother took care of him.

When he was old to join his parents on expeditions, he did so. This came to a tragic head when a collapsing ruin took his father’s life, while Tantalus was able to avoid serious injury, leaving behind his father’s body and equipment.

Disheartened, he returned home and swore off treasure hunting, unwilling to put his mother through additional grief. She took up a more stable position as a shopkeeper, and Tantalus survived and thrived within the city, putting his tracking and quick hands to good use.

Eventually he met and began seeing a girl named Rachel.

Though Rachel’s father disapproved of Tantalus’s lifestyle, the two began going on trips together and spending time with each other. Unable to resist the allure of the idea, and with encouragement from Rachel, the two began relic hunting once again.

Tantalus had inherited much of the skill of his parents, but disaster struck one day when a stone bridge collapsed during one of their expeditions, seriously injuring Rachel. Though Tantalus carried her home and cared for her, she awoke from the event with amnesia, unable to remember him. As her parents did not care for the boy, Rachel thought the same way as well, refusing to see the man.

Dishertened and depressed, Tantalus returned home and stayed local, keeping his head down and his actions low profile. The emotional impact had taken a toll on him, and it wasn’t done yet – approximately six months ago, his mother fell sick with a debilitating disease based on the Miasma and died a few weeks back.

Unable to protect the women in his life, Tantalus has began studying Espers, hearing rumors of their mystical abilities and especially of one called Phoenix. His mother has been magically preserved in her state following her peaceful death while Tantalus searches for the one thing that can prevent him from losing her.

Tantalus Locke

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