Matthew Smith

"There's something that looks out of place. Let's go and poke it with a stick."


An excitable young mage with the memories of a thousand monsters.

Class: Blue Mage

Monster Blooded: Matthew’s near-fatal brush with the miasma and subsequent magical experimentation has left him forever changed at the biological level. He is immune to the effects of miasma and loses his Vulnerability to Shadow damage, and he gains the Observe Blue Mage ability for free.

Theme: Savior of the Waking World – Toby ‘Radiation’ Fox, original by George Buzinkai


Curious, headstrong, and head filled with memories from thousands of monsters, Matthew Smith is an anomaly among the usually stoic and intellectual Blue Mages. Filled with a passion for life and seeking out new monsters, Matthew’s eventual goal is to learn a technique from every monster on the continent. He’s often a bit scatter-brained, focusing on things particularly interesting to him as opposed to general situational awareness.

His excitable nature contains the mind of a child, but the years and experiences of an adult, creating an odd dichotomy. Occasionally prone to bouts of random knowledge or memories, Matthew manages to balance the two halves of himself well enough to function.

He desires the pursuit of knowledge and monsters about nearly all else, and his flashes of insight will often come at the most useful times.


Matthew is something of a curiosity. As a very child, the boy was exposed long-term to miasma after a monster attack. He was found by a passing caravan, still alive though suffering from miasma poisoning. The mages thought it a case too severe to cure, and the boy was almost left for dead before one of the elder blue mages asked to perform an experimental magical procedure to save the boy’s life. The parents were dead, and the boy was on death’s door himself, so he was allowed.

The elder mage, named Strago, had been studying monster immunity to miasma for some time and happened upon a hypothesis – if monsters were immune, perhaps humans could be as well if they were have just a bit of monster in them. Taking a small bit of essence from every monster, he combined them into one single concentrated magical collective and with care infused it into the young boy.

The results were…nonconclusive. With fellow aid from the white mages, the boy’s symptoms subsided and he was cured, but at the cost of physical transformation. Though he retained a humanoid shape and general features, scales covered several parts of his flesh. His eyes, once blue, turned yellow and reptilian. Intricate black lines tattooed his skin, according to no particular pattern. His finger nails turned into claws, and small horns came forth from his head, only somewhat hidden in his hair.

No one had seen anything like him, and with the boy’s status as an orphan, no one would take him – until Strago.

Feeling somewhat sorry for his condition, Strago adopted the boy and raised him as his own son and student. As the boy grew (and was named Matthew), he began to see Strago as his own father – stern and old, but fair and loving. Those in his home town slowly became used to the appearence of the pupil, and though hesitant at first, Matthew’s untempered enthusiasm and open nature won over the citizens of Lindblum.

As he worked and learned with Strago, Matthew showed a prodigious talent for magic, and an unusual one: his skill in learning blue magic was unprecedented.

Blue magery is a difficult field, with the most effective method of learning being subjected to the effects of a monster spell. Watching it being cast or observing the effects was useful, but several instances were often needed.

Matthew, however, was not only able to know a spell the moment he observed it, but perform it flawlessly. When he learned a new spell, he would often explain, “Oh! Now I remember!”

It’s been theorized that the reason for this method is that Matthew’s monster infusion granting him lost genetic memories. Given that the infusion was composed of a small bit of essence from every monster that the Blue Magic Academy had ever encountered, it’s not too far of stretch.

Now, Matthew is in his late teens, and he remains as upbeat and cheerful as ever. Strago’s caring for the boy has not diminished as Matthew ages, but he has remained a constant source of love and support for the young Mage, though something recently troubles him.

Matthew Smith

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