Mirilee Elisedd

"I will never be nameless again - not in a brave new world such as this."


A wandering Red Mage able to fit in everywhere and anywhere, yet without a place she can call home.

Anything You Can Do: Mirilee was born with the unique ability to change her physical appearance at will. Though exact duplication of other intelligent creatures is impossible, she instead turns into an average, generic member of that species. She can also use this ability to change specific parts of her body, giving herself a bonus equal to half of her level to any one skill that she has no ranks in. She can change this bonus as a Standard action.

In addition, once per combat, she can attempt to transform into an enemy. As a standard action, she makes a Nature check with a DC equal to 7 + the enemy’s level (+5 for notorious monsters and +10 for bosses). If successful, she turns into a physical copy of that monster and gains access to a spell or special attack known by that monster, substituting her own stats and scores for that of the monster’s. This lasts until the end of combat, or she can choose to end it prematurely as an Instant action.


Personality: Mirilee is kind, thoughtful, and generally inquisitive. She enjoys becoming invested in the lives of others, hoping that perhaps helping them out will give her own life definition. She carries a bright passion for any and all intelligent life, finding every single intelligent creation something deserving of interest and care. She is prone to the occasional rash action done with good intentions, but she only desires to help others around her.

She exemplifies the typical Red Mage quality of being a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none – though she is not extremely stand out in any one area, her many years spent in service to the Crystallis gave her a wealth of skills. She can be useful in every situation, no matter how unusual or menial, either with an application of her judicious knowledge of some of her hard-earned skills.

Despite her fluffy and warm exterior, Mirilee is troubled underneath by her status as the Nameless. Since Leviathan is gone and her tribe lost to the mists of time, she has no home to return to – and since the Crystallis have all vanished from the face of the earth or gone mindless, she no longer has her position as a Shard to give her guidance and purpose. Whether she has a new task or not, the loss of her former employer haunts her.

History: Born to human parents of one of the tribes of Leviathan, Mirilee’s path was to be decided very early on as part of a centuries-old ritual said to have been set up by Leviathan himself. Each new child was given a name apart from their birth name. This second name was to describe their path in life and their eventual destiny, their pre-set position inside of the tribal society. Titles such as “Warrior”, “Artist”, “Scholar”, “Diplomat”, “Victor”, and “Leader” were among those chosen for the newborn children.

The council took Miralee into the chamber, setting the newborn baby on the pedestal meditating for her name. The process took anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

After two days, they finally emerged, unable to say what her name was. It was not understood, they said, what she was to become. She had no destiny to speak of, or at least not one that was clear to them. Their minds had been utterly blank for the entire duration. Thus, she was the Nameless.

With no real guidance on her future, she was bounced from tutor to tutor, profession to profession, and even tribe to tribe all throughout her childhood and teenage years. Her schooling was wide and varied, ranging from the medicinal properties of forest herbs to the delicate inner workings of mechanical contraptions to the biological properties of a flan. She picked up a large selection of bits and pieces of knowledge and ability. Her status as the Nameless, while giving her no end goal, did not prevent her from learning as much as she could about everything. After all, perhaps she would discover her name in the course of her learning.

The curse of her name proved itself to be just that when all of her tutors would only go so far into her education before turning her on her way. It would become clear that, while she had some knack for the job, it was not to be her calling if it did not reveal to her what her name was. Time after time, she was released to someone else, some other profession, some other person, again and again and again.

Until, that is, she was found by Sigil.

Sigil was a Crystallis that resided on the Northern Continent. As Mirilee was getting older, the Crystal Wars were starting to heat up, if not already break out into full-on war on the other continents. With no other options for a future career, she went to Sigil and demanded that he make a Shard of her – an act that was considered to be a great honor, but one that brought with it a lifetime of service to the massive beings of order.

To her mild surprise, Sigil accepted, and Mirilee began her service. Her new job brought with it power and ability (such as her ability to shapeshift), and for the first real time in her life, she had a purpose – the will and whim of Sigil. Fortunately for her, Sigil had a bit of a differing opinion than many of the others involved in the Crystal War, and though she was sent to the front lines of combat on more than one occasion with her fellow Shards, she was more often kept behind the lines as a surprise weapon. Her versatility proved to be an exceptionally valuable gift, allowing her to perform whatever role and function were needed at the time in the war.

Her missions ranged from behind-the-lines supply drops to targeted attacks on enemy ranks to infiltration and property destruction to everything in between. As the war was drawing to a close, however, Sigil called her in and asked her to perform one final request for him. He saw the writing on the wall and knew that though the Espers could not win everywhere, the Northern Continent was their chosen battleground, and it was only a matter of time.

To that end, he present Mirilee with a small crystal and asked her to take it deep underground, in a series of caverns on the southern edge of the continent. Curious, she asked why, but Sigil refused to answer. Instead, he thanked her for her many years of dedicated service and devotion to him, and bid her on her way.

Passing the combat that embroiled much of the continent and arriving safely in the caverns, she descended well into the empty tunnels. The last thing she remembers is a bright flash of light and a sudden feeling of stillness inside of her body.

Mirilee Elisedd

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