Monty Karonet

"The history of the world is too damn important to let waste away in the dust!"


A scholar on a journey to find the lost world.

Class: Entertainer

Knowledge Is Power: An expert historian, Monty has spent more time than he can count researching every avenue of knowledge available. He permanently gains access to the Red Mage ability Encyclopedic.

In addition, once per combat per monster, he can make a Lore check as a Standard action, the DC being the monster’s level + 8 (or + 13 for particularly unusual/rare monsters) to recall or notice some useful factoid (“As noted in the works of Aliit’air, their left buttocks is less armored!” or “Quick, pretend to be a rock! It may mistake you for one!” or similar. For the duration of the combat, Monty and all allies gain a bonus equal to half of Monty’s Finesse (rounded up) to their ACC, AVD, opposed Force checks, or opposed Finesse checks (Monty’s choice) against that specific monster.

Art: Wizards of the Coast,
Theme: Opening Titles (Sherlock) – David Arnold, Michael Price


Monty Karonet, Phonologist, Historian & Traveling Scholar; Monty has dedicated his life to the persuit of knowledge, seeking to unravel the mysteries of the little known history of the Myasmic Continent. While studying among the indiginous peoples of the Eastern Cleyran Desert. Along the course of his studies Monty discovered increasing similarities between the spoken language and ancient musical styles of the Al-bhed and stumbled upon a lifetimes worth of lost Bardic knowledge. Spending time with the nomadic people Monty gained a fine understanding of ancient technology and but a fraction of a fraction of true Bardic power.

Monty Karonet

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