Nearien Lin Tostel

"I hear that word all the time, 'impossible'. I've been taking it as a challenge for years."


A mechanically gifted young girl who might manage to build that castle in the sky.

Class: Engineer.

Whimsical Robot Companion: Nearien gets the Animal Companion ability for free, and Gentle knows the following tricks: Cheer, Skilled (Synthesis), and Talkative (Beep Boops). Nearien can ride atop Gentle as if he was a mount, and substitutes Systems for any Nature rolls this calls for.

Art:, by Simon Loche
Theme: Pure Science – Fox Amoore


Spirited beyond belief, Master Mechanist Nearien Tostel is a girl on a mission. She’s just not sure what it is yet, but she knows where she wants to end up – a fully automated society that can think and function by itself.

Absent-minded yet brilliant, Nearien feels that other creations can be distractions. So long as someone is helpful, even outside of her particular interest, she is cordial and friendly. When they stop serving a purpose, she may become agitated with them.

She likes machines, often speaking to them as she would any creation, and it’s almost as if they speak back to her. Her understanding of mechanical wonders is nearly supernatural, as is her skill with tools. Her own personal robot has undergone several modifications since her childhood, and she continues to add on to this day.

When in the middle of working, or a particular bout of inspiration, she finds it difficult to be pulled away from the job, lost in her own little world.


Growing up in Narshe with parents who worked in R&D meant that Nearien was always surrounded by wires, bolts, and all kinds of metal. It wasn’t long before she began tinkering, and though she had always been regarded as a smart young child, her parents were impressed when she constructed a small but working remote controlled bipedal robot at age 7. She named him Gentle, and he spoke in a mAnNeR mOsT wHiMsIcAl. He was also incredibly clumsy, but it was still impressive.

Her time growing up was spent with a sharp mind and a focused dedication to the mechanical arts, and an errant discovery in the Narshe library lead her to a fateful encounter. After hearing stories of the strange machines that existed before the Crystal War (automatons able to walk on their own and make their own decisions, massive walkers with immense power, flying airships, etc), she kept digging and digging, tracing the lineage and paths of these machines before concluding that the resting place of these massive robots lay in the desert of the Miasmic Continent. Her expedition ventured into the sands of the Cleyran Desert, consisting of her and a single guide.

Three weeks later, the two returned, sadly unsuccessful. The spot, they claimed, was currently in use by a tribe of desert dwellers, and they had no plan on allowing the outsiders into their territory. Disheartened, but determined, Nearien set out to recover the lost technology by research. If their ancestors could do it, she reasoned, why couldn’t they?

Well, as her long hours of research and development proved, they had something that the current generation lacks – a power source. The current sources of power were nowhere near as efficient. They had something powerful, something unknown to this world, and Nearien is determined to find out what. Her research, however, has dead-ended save for one word she’s seen in a few obscure papers and history books – “Espers”.

This lack of power source has not changed her plans. Walkers, airships, and even more bipedal automatons are all in the planning and even early construction stage. Regent Edgar has personally funded her work.

Nearien Lin Tostel

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