Robert Stein

"If I must die for my council, then so be it - but I will not die without reason."


The implacable captain of the Narshe City Watch.

Class: Knight

Unstoppable: Stein’s time in the Watch and long hours spent training in his armor have paid off. His armor is considered one tier high for determining ARM and M.ARM values, and when he covers an ally, he uses his ARM and M.ARM values instead of the ally’s.

At Tier 8 Armor, Armor carries the following properties for Stein:

  • ARM – 85
  • M.ARM – 180


  • ARM – 140
  • M.ARM – 140


  • ARM – 180
  • M.ARM – 85

Art: Unknown source
Theme: Where The Sky Is High – Yuki Kajiura


Robert Stein is the current captain of the Narshe City Watch, responsible for patrolling the city and acting as police. He is a no-nonsense kind of man, and his years on the force have lead him to abhor time wasting and frivolous complaints. He has a busy life, and has little patience for people who take up too much of his time with little good reason.

He is stoic, but compassionate, feeling that the order that law brings is what is best for an honest life – the good of the many overrides the few.

The war does not yet involve him, though a few of his men have volunteered for the army. He understand the problem facing the city of Narshe, but prefers not to think about it until the war hits home – which, if the rumblings in the city and the movement of the army are any indication, hopefully won’t happen soon.


Robert was born and raised in Narshe to a middle-class family, a miner for a father and a stay-at-home mother. His early life was spent in heavy physical activity, be it helping his mother around the house or helping his father out in non-dangerous tasks at work (carrying tools, pushing carts, and so on). His father’s coworkers became like a series of aunts and uncles to the boy, and Robert learned to trust and work with them as well as he would his own father.

Part of his working at the mine is what gave him a strong sense for the comfort of laws and rules. He witnessed no life-taking accidents, but any accident he did see was usually due to someone attempting to cut corners or circumvent a rule that the mine had. Breaking the rules lead to dangerous events and loss of time and money. The stories that Robert was told by his father, stories of brave knights and lawmen, helped reinforce that notion – follow the law for the common good, and the rewards will be yours for the taking.

The boy’s career path took a turn for the watch when he was heading home from the mines one night at age 16, his body having grown much taller and stronger over the past two years. He had taken a small detour to a local metal shop to fulfill and order that his mother had for some new kitchen tongs. As he approached from the outside, he heard a shout and a loud crash. He peered inside to spot two men scooping items and weapons off the shelves while the store clerk was slumped over on the counter, rubbing his head and groaning.

Thinking fast, the boy shouted down the street, “Call the watch!” and charged in, quickly slamming his considerable weight into the first man, who yelped and dropped to the floor. The other man turned and pulled out a knife, preparing to dive at Robert. The boy quickly grabbed a metal pot that lay nearby and took a step up before hurling it at the man, who knocked it aside – just in time for Robert to lunge in, pick the man up, and throw him backwards over his shoulder, right into the other man.

With both men out for a few seconds, Robert took the chance to grab a lance from the wall and level it at the two, silently daring them to move. A moment later, the watch moved in to find Robert by the counter, waking the clerk up.

From there, recognition of Robert’s bravery and a recommendation by the men of the watch was enough to net him a low-level position. Over the next 15 years, he ascended through the ranks, eventually becoming the Captain of the Watch about three years ago. He’s doing a pretty good job of it, too.

In progress of his rising, he was able to meet and become the ally of Knight Commander Lisbeth Terraria, and the two have worked together on numerous occasions to settle particularly tricky internal affairs, with much mutual respect between them. They’ve often met outside of work, though both would deny any romantic interest, state that it’s purely in the name of friendship – that may or may not be true. Several particularly talented members of the Narshe City Watch have gone on to the Dragon Knights, including Arr’ik Triss, whom he recalls.

Robert Stein

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