Ruby til Ouroboros IX

"I'm not going back! To hell with king and country! I just want my own life!"


A princess in almost no sense of the word.

Class: Black Mage

Feisty: Ruby fuels her spells with pent-up frustration, and every so often, she throws some extra oomph into her magic by letting it out. Once per combat, Ruby may add half her MND to her PWR attribute for determining a spell’s damage, and she gets a bonus equal to half her level on all opposed rolls for that spell.
Spells above Expert level retain the damage boost, but lose the opposed roll bonus.

Art: Unknown source
Theme: Fang’s Theme – Masashi Hamauzu


Princess Ruby til Ouroburos IX, daughter of recently deceased King Sabin XIII and Queen Garnet, has gone a little bit off.

Until the death of her parents, Ruby was a slightly rebellious, if still respectful, child. She often did what she wished, and in her position with her power, she often could. She was rarely disrespectful to her parents, and would be cooperative when it came to societal functions and dealings of the court and royalty.

Now, she tends to completely reject any and all of the royal family’s dealings, preferring to stay out of the castle as much as possible. Lindblum is a big place, and she enjoys getting lost in it. She’s outside of the castle as much as she is inside of it, if not moreso.

She’s stubborn, but her normal princess demeanor has given way to someone who lives for the moment and enjoys whatever’s going on, enjoying the distractions from her thoughts. Her magical studies have always been focused to the Black Magic side, and she’s only gone further into them recently, welcoming the respite.

She does have a good and caring side, and the farther she is away from the castle, the better she is. She’s helpful, if sarcastic, and welcomes conversation and pragmatic action. When left alone with her thoughts, or anyone attempting to confront her about her behavior, she can react poorly, wanting to avoid it at all costs. She’s running, and it’s not exactly sure when she’ll stop.


Ruby was born to the second-most-recent king of Lindblum and a life of ease and luxury. Said life was filled with not only the usual trappings and expectations of the royal family, but the insatiable curiosity of the young girl lead to her exploring many subjects outside of her normal studies. Her magical proficiency was found and cultivated at an early age, and though she wasn’t the most talented girl ever, she had her fair share of natural skill in the magical arts.

She took no particular interest in any color or style of magic, preferring to be general and explore until she needed to specialize. As she grew older and became more interested in the affairs of the castle and royal family, she took a particular attachment to the non-paperwork parts of ruling the city. She enjoyed going out of the castle and seeing the city, or lending a hand, or watching the daily happenings. She often skipped her lectures and lessons in order to do so, a source of constant consternation to her mother and father, but they tolerated her behavior as long as she continued to stay abreast of her studies and the city.

She always was careful to make sure her needed duties were tended to.

She tended to dislike balls and social events not because she didn’t enjoy the dressing up and eating great food part, but more for the fact that they were often simply spectacles for the purpose of being a spectacle. It was a celebration of wealth and luxury that accomplished little, if anything at all, towards caring for the woes of the city and the problems faced inside of it. She enjoyed her life of comfort but took note on how those not of her class and wealth lived.

As the time came for her to focus her magical aptitude, she settled on the most curious choice of black magic. Though she held no disdain for white magic, she felt that her talents would be better served mastering the fundamental elements than learning how to heal people. They had plenty of that, and though she had the royal mages to thank after more than one painful mishap, she did enjoy the more forward-focused and pragmatic attitudes of the black mages.

Though minor skirmishes and border disputes were common, all-out war was never in the heads of the Lindblum Royals. The occasional rumbling, sure, but nothing resembling an actual conflict. When the King and Queen fell ill, however, more than one advisor or court royal called foul play. Even more called it that when they steadily got worse and no white mage in the palace could heal them.

Ruby dealt with this by spending more time in the castle, taking the place of her mother while her uncle Edgar took the place of her father for the interim. Though the Royal Mages worked diligently, nothing they did could halt the infection that plagued them both. No magic, no elixer, even a fabled tuft of phoenix down did nothing. Ruby immersed herself in her work, not only for the kingdom, but when she worked with the mages. Unfortunately, much of the treatment efforts were slowed by the council of advisers, who demanded the king and queen for urgent matters until the mages and doctors had to almost literally kick them out of the room.

As her frustration and worry were nearing their breaking point, the inevitable finally happened: the king and queen passed away from the sickness. Lindblum entered a period of mourning. Ruby herself was at her wits’ end. Frustrated with the advisers, frustrated with the mages, frustrated with herself and her inability to save them, and frustrated with her duties as stand in queen, she left the castle for days at a time. Where she stayed, no one knew.

That was about a year ago. Since then, she’s been inside the castle as much as she’s been outside. She comes for mandatory social events, but she’s turned over all power control to her uncle, wanting to have nothing to do with the throne and responsibilities thereof. She’s sunk herself into her magical studies and ancient lore, looking for any way to get out of her own head.

Ruby til Ouroboros IX

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