Shyla Vantras

"There's no such thing as heroes, brat. Just people with delusions that there's anything left worth fighting for."


A shunned, exiled warrior with no cause to fight for and no future ahead of her.

Class: Fighter

Homicidal Tendencies: Shyla’s rage fuels her strength, and if she gets angry enough, it can be devastating to anyone in her way. Once per day, as an Instant action, Shyla can let her rage consume her, unleashing her full power against an unlucky opponent (or two). She gains the Haste status effect, all damage done is increased by two steps, her critical range is increased by two, all forms of damage reduction are bypassed, and she has a 50% chance (rolling a 3 or 4 on a d4) to counterattack any attack done to her, physical or magical, with a physical counterattack (including moving up to a Medium range to attack). These effects last until the start of her next turn.

Art: Tasha concept art, Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin
Theme: Red Faction – MELL


Like a pot of water perpetually about to boil, Shyla carries a seething river of barely tempered rage under the surface. Constantly scowling and always ready to deliver a sharp remark or insult, saying that she’s a bit unruly would be a gross understatement. Her strength, and her curse, is her temper, born and bred from years of being ignored and underestimated.

The fastest way to piss her off is to be hesitant, especially for reasons she perceives as cowardly or fruitless. Anything can be beaten if you hit it hard enough, she reasons, and she’s usually proven right. She often throws herself headfirst into problems, but her ability and skill give her the edge to emerge victorious.

She is rarely friendly or open to newcomers and finds the acquisition of money to be a sad necessity, though her skill with all types of weapons make that an easy trial. She’s not afraid to take whatever job she can, trying to work off some of the rage and frustration at her exile. Those who have earned her respect note that you do not want to dismiss her off hand, or all the work it took to build up that respect can be gone in a flash.

With no place to call home, she wanders about, but her usual prowling grounds are Narshe. She enjoys the rough and tumble of the city.


Shyla comes from the tribe of desert dwellers, and she doesn’t like to talk about what happened there.

What’s happened since, however, has been a string of pain and pleasure. Drinking can take her mind off of what happened, fighting gives her enough of a break from her thoughts, and the company of others can be a welcome distraction, if they don’t talk much.

She’s been involved in plenty of crimes and misdemeanors, and served more than her share of jail time since she arrived at the age of 16. It’s been 9 years since then, and the wounds still haven’t fully healed. Even when heavily intoxicated, she refuses to speak of it.

Her most notable encounter came from a run-in she had long ago with a gunman who called himself Dead Hand Jack. The two were on the same side, escorting a merchant caravan between Narshe and Lindblum, when a swarm of monsters came from the miasma as they were taking a short break. As bad luck would have it, this was one of the few times a particularly smart goblin had organized the normally uncontrollable beasts into an organized, and dangerous, rabble.

The two leaped into action, finding themselves back to back, fighting with blade and bullet against tooth and claw. Though the battle was long and hard, their combined skills were enough to save the caravan and beat back the oncoming tide. When the dust had settled and the two stood still, breathing hard on a pile of corpses, they look at each other and smiled just slightly. Respect was earned, not given – and these two had earned more than enough in each other’s eyes.

When she heard that Dead Hand Jack was rumored dead, she didn’t want to believe it at first – one of the few people to keep up with her, gone? Still, it was a sad fact of this world. She drank to his memory that night and did her best to move on, but there will always be a spot, no matter how small, for that gunman.

As of recently, she’s been hiring herself out to caravans and other jobs that she can take. Some good. Some not good. But the word on the street is, she gets the job done, whatever the job is, and she knows the value of a good word. She doesn’t abandon jobs, and she prides herself on that fact.

Shyla Vantras

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