The Great and Powerful Steve

"Thank you! Thank you! For my first trick, I'm going to need several beautiful women to volunteer..."


A travelling magician and self-proclaimed hero.

Class: Time Mage

Stage Magic: Steve is good at his job, and he is able to do minor tricks and small sleight-of-hand at will. He gains the Bottomless Pockets ability for free and gains a +2 bonus to Thievery checks involving sleight-of-hand. In addition, once per day as a Standard action, Steve may produce and use a Consumable known as Steve’s Magic Elixir that has one of the following effects, chosen by Steve:

  • Restore 25% HP
  • Restore 25% MP
  • Restore 10% HP and MP
  • Remove one negative status effect of the target’s choice from the target (or, if the target is unable to choose, Steve’s choice).
  • Revive the target with 1 HP

Art: Unknown source
Theme: Tank! – The Seatbelts


Boisterous, egotistical, and well convinced of his own greatness, Steve is a man who refuses to believe that he has limits and stopping points. He’s quite sure that he is one of the greatest things to ever walk on the surface of Gaia, with his powerful magical ability and fantastic stage presence. Wherever he goes, he finds fans and fortune. The life of a traveling showman suits him quite well, and he’s happy to live it.

The funny thing is, when he brags about how powerful he is, he’s right. Steve is talented, quite moreso than your average mage. His magical ability is prodigious and extensive, and his mastery of time magic is second to none. He’s not just egotistical and self-centered for random reasons, he’s that way because, sometimes, he really is that good.

Though he remains convinced of his own greatness and can be a bit self-interested, Steve’s got a decent heart and a good attitude. He has a soft spot for children, and often he will perform shows for free or at a heavily discounted price. Many times he’s donated his profits to charities or local hospitals, finding that since he has a life on the move, all he needs is some essentials and caravan guards to be comfortable. He feels that seeing the joy on his audience’s faces, especially in a world soaked in a poisonous gas, is a reward beyond any other. An announcement of his coming to a town, any town, will generate a buzz of excitement and anticipation.

He tends to avoid confrontational situations, feeling that avoiding the problems are the best ways to deal with them. When forced into one, he tries to talk his way out, through both lying or truth (whichever works, really), preferring a nonviolent resolution to flying fists and whirling blades.

He finds his current position in life comfortable, but he wants something a little bit more out of it – he’s wondering where to go from where he is (which is one of the top performers on the island).

The Great and Powerful Steve

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