Le Book of Mysteries

An ancient and powerful tome


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Unlocked and looted from the now dead city of Tida this mysterious book pulses with arcane power and has been found to react with linked magical items. When opened properly the book springs to life, its flat surface winding out almost mechanically to reveal an expanded three-dimensional shape that holds itself in place magically.

The book has displayed indicators of key locations on the Miasmic Continent. The party now works to bring it to where it belongs in an attempt to solve an ancient puzzle.

Monty has postulated that the artifact is, in fact, a Gran Grimoire; a magical tome with untold potential. Believed to be everything from a powerful tome of world altering transformation to a complete codex of all things Arcane, to an enchanted book capable of guiding and shaping the events of the world. Regardless of what powers the book may have, he is sure it would make a grand paperweight.

“It is not certain how many copies of the book still exist, but it is said that whoever should hold one holds the power to change the world.”


Le Book of Mysteries

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