Blitzball is an aggressive yet complex contact sport found and celebrated on the Northern Continent. The game is played within a large sphere of water several stories tall. A deceptively heavy spheroid known as the Blitzball is thrown, passed and kicked across the central playing field in an attempt to ‘score’ it in the opponents goal. Each team has an equal number of players to start but they can be eliminated in a number of ways. The game seems to have many fine and well argued over rules but most importantly it plays a vital role in the sociological fabric of the peoples on the Northern Continent.
The games and subsequent tournaments give various tribes a means to compete in a healthy controlled environment. The sport is taken quite seriously and every tournament generates sizable revenue from the traveling visitors alone. The sea-side city of Esto Gaza plays host to a very impressive Blitzball arena.

Notes from the adventuring journal of M. Karonet ~

Now that I see this impressive structure, I am reminded of my travels through the Kalayaran Desert. In a long abandoned city among the dunes we came across just such a structure. I had originally thought it some overly elaborate reservoir that supplied the once overflowing city, but now I am forced to consider the overall popularity and potential age spanning importance of this monument. If one nearly exact form existed before the cataclysm that over took the Eastern wastes of the Misamic Continent, and/or before the Crystal War, sure there is some greater connection to a sport that literally spanned the continents.



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