Miasmic Continent

The Miasmic Continent is the only inhabited continent known. The rest of the world is choked and bathed in Miasma, without the protection of the Crystallis to keep the inhabitants safe.

The general environment of the Miasmic continent is swamps, fields, and forests. Occasional mountains divide the area into natural regions. Caves and roads connect the three major cities to each other. Massive wooden pipes crisscross the region, from which the deadly Miasma flows.

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The Miasmic Continent was originally known (and still, to the Espers) as the Southern Continent. It was subject to the miasma by the Espers poisoning some part of “the tree”, as Titan said. The motive for doing so was to destroy the Crystallis that resided there.
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The major cities are:

  • Lindblum, agricultural center.
  • Narshe, mining and manufacturing depot.
  • Cocoon, seaside port and commerce center.

Several smaller towns and/or stops, protected by minor Crystallis pieces:

  • Dali, a small farming and supply stop between Lindblum and Narshe, nestled in a valley.
  • Treno, a leisure and relaxing town, home to world-famous contests, card games, and tournaments of skill (and sometimes luck).
  • Midgar, a trading post close to Treno along the Axis River.

Other major landmarks include:

Miasmic Continent

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