Narshe? Yeah, I’ve been there, and yeah, there’s work. Just…whatever you do, don’t tell people you’re good with a pickaxe.
– Smith, jewelcrafter


Narshe is the primary exporter of raw materials – ores and jewels are sent from this city all over the continent. It’s metallurgists and smiths are some of the best in the world, known for their high quality (and quantity) or work, and most scientific advancements that occur in the world are pioneered and discovered in Narshe. Anyone looking for a job is told to head there first, provided they don’t care much what the job is.


Nested and practically built into the mountainside, Narshe is a city of many levels and heights. Travel across the various levels is done via steam-powered elevators or, for those so inclined, stairs, ladders, and ramps. Because of these machines, the city is rarely quiet. There’s always the occasional hiss of a steam valve releasing pressure, or the clink-clink-clink of gears turning.


Narshe is unusual in that not a single politician or corporate executive is allowed to hold a governmental position. About two centuries ago lots of crooked laws made it easier for the companies and corporations to exploit the workers, primarily by the governmental positions being filled by former executives or paid-off politicians. After a series of nasty public riots and strikes, the entire chamber of representatives for the city was thrown out of office and the leader of the riots, a worker named Jim Hawkins, set new laws in place.

From then on, one is eligible to hold a governmental position after satisfying one of two conditions and being at least 25 years of age: Either they have worked and performed manual labor for five or more years and never been in a higher managerial position, or they have contributed to the scientific community for 10 years. One is put into a position by a democratic vote.

Since these new laws, the corporations have had very little influence in Narshe, and it continues to remain a fiercely independent city.


The Narshe Military is formed of dedicated career soldiers. Able to forge high-quality weapons and armor, the armies of Narshe are trained in both front-line and ambush tactics. Their primary weapons are guns, especially rifles, fixed with bayonets for close-quarters engagements. Their armor is primarily metal, effective against blades but less against firearms and other ranged weapons.

The elite of the military numbers become Dragon Knights. These soliders are given advanced magical augmentation and training, allowing them to perform daring and dangerous physical feats and emerge unharmed. Armed with a sidearm and a spear, they are the military’s special forces, ambushing troops from high in the sky before leaping down and devastating them from the ground with fast, accurate thrusts and swings.


The city is divided into three main sectors:

  1. Mining Sector
  2. Administrative Sector
  3. Residential Sector

The Mining Sector is where most of the hard labor is done. Ores and gems are mined from the caves and sent via a system of trolleys and carts to factories and processing plants. From there, they’re put on caravans and shipped all over the known world. Transit too and from this district is done via a network of steam-powered public transportation cars.

The Administrative Sector is where the local offices and government offices are stationed. It is also the home of various research institutions and places of higher learning, including the highly-regarded Nu Mou College of Magical Studies. It also houses a few shops and stores, mostly the higher-class ones.

The Residential Sector contains lots and lots of housing for workers and those who live inside the city. It also contains most of the shops and stores in Narshe, located near the various neighborhoods and residential complexes for convenience. The scant few sections of greenery that Narshe contains are located here as well.


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