Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest

The petrified forest is, as the name implies, a forest frozen. However, the forest is not turned to stone, as the normal definition of petrified goes – instead, the forest is frozen in time, along with the companion piece of it, the Timeless Caverns. Anything entering the vicinity of the forest is allowed to move freely, but inside it, there is no rustling of trees or animals as they move through the brush.

No one knows how the forest came to be this way, but there are theories. One is that eventual residual energy of the Timeless Caverns had a bleeding effect, causing the surrounding area to join it in escaping the flow of time. Another one states that it was a massive Stop spell gone horribly wrong, halting the flow forever. Yet another states that it was a deliberate action by powerful dragons, where they trapped the prey in the forest and swallowed them up as they stood, defenseless.

Whatever the reason, and whatever the cause, it’s irrelevant for now. The petrified forest remains green and vibrant, just as it was when it was frozen all those years ago.

Petrified Forest

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