A book left on a table has been flipped open to a small entry. It appears to be a journal of some kind, or perhaps an ancient collection of trivia and facts about the world. The title of the book confirms this, as you flip it to the title page: Gaia’s Almanac: Weird And Wonderful Tales

A Shard is the name for someone who has been gifted by a Crystallis and given a task. This task, known as a Focus, is made known only to the Shard at the time of conversion, and only in the form of a half-glimpsed dream.

Each Shard is given a brand somewhere on their body. This brand has a series of stages, and as time passes, the brand gets larger. Points appear on the lines, and the eye in the middle opens larger and larger. When the brand reaches the final stage, the Shard has run out of time. What happens after that, no one knows – but no Shard has remained in a city as their brand nears completion.

Shards are granted with new powers and abilities, exceeding the normal capabilities of sentient species. As time passes and the Shard gains experience in the world, they advance in power and ability, performing daring feats and incredible acts of bravery and strength.

This is all supposition, of course. No Shards have been made for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. In all likelihood, they were merely guardians of the Crystallis and masters of their magical or physical arts, able to wow those less intelligent and wise with their showmanship and ability.

Underneath the crossed out part is a small bit of rough handwriting.

That’s what they thought, too.


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