System Information

This game will be using the FF d6 rules, found for free in the first post of the thread here.

The character sheet of choice can be found here.

Current set night is Fridays, with Saturdays as a backup night. Games are set to rotate out on a per-week basis.

Memento Mori
What will you leave behind?
This party will be headed by Arr’ik Triss, and will follow the already existing plotline of her and her group as they run for their lives and attempt to figure out the mysterious book. It is the main plot of Final Fantasy Infinite, with a storyline that will span the entire world map.
It will be GMed by Phil.

Chronicles of the Enigma War <hiatus>
Not everything important happened on the front lines.
This party will be focused on the oncoming (and soon ongoing) war of Narshe vs Lindblum, with Cocoon as a not-yet-aligned third party. It will likely be a little more episodic in nature than Memento Mori, focused on a series of individual chapters with a few threads binding them together.
It will be GMed by either Joseph or Phil.

Echoes of the Past
The want of many is nothing against the will of one.
This party will follow a ragtag bunch of misfits thrown together through a shared misfortune and forced to fight for their very survival. It is currently planned as a companion plot to Memento Mori.
It will be GMed by Trevor.

Leveling up a character will be the responsibility of the players, as will outfitting them with equipment. There will be plenty of spare equipment about.

Character Rules:

  • All characters begin the game at level 3.
  • If your character was played in the previous iteration, you have two pieces of Tier 2 Equipment, and the rest is Tier 1. Consumables will be handed out. If your character was not played in the previous, you have the listed amount of starting Gil with which to buy stuff.
  • Level ups will happen at GM discretion.
  • If your character was played before, you get 1 Elemental Strike Materia of your choice (not Holy or Shadow) and one additional Materia from the list below. If your character was not played before, you get one Material from the list below:
    • Cure, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Fire, Earth, Comet, Elemental Strike.

Rules Changes/Errata:

  • Destiny Points
    • Each character has (in addition to their normal Destiny Points) a single “phantom” Destiny Point that will recharge at the start of each session and can only be used once per session (this ignores the rule change about 1/session things below). The only restriction for this Point is that it may not be used to activate any ability that will result in a permanent boost to Attributes or Skills, nor can it be used to activate a Limit Break or for a Summon.
    • The number of phantom Points may increase as the game progresses.
  • Multi-Target Spells – A few new rules have been put into place to fix the overpowered nature of Group target spells:
    • In all cases, damage from the spell is divided among the number of targets.
    • If you target more than one enemy with a Group target spell, the base damage multiplier (the 4 in PWR x 4, for example) for the spell is increased by 50%, rounded down, done so after all other modifiers have been applied (such as Elemental Field).
    • Any reflected multi-target spell only reflects the damage done to that target, not the spell as a whole.
      • Example: Ruby decides to cast <insert> on the 4 remaining enemies on the field. The spell normally does PWR x 4, but going by the new rules, the spell’s base is now PWR x 6. Let’s assume she has a PWR of 20. The spell now does 120 damage, and that damage is divided evenly among all the targets on the field for a total of 30 damage each.
  • Spell Fixes – Many spells have stupid high damage amounts. Check this document for updates.
  • Once Per Session – Any abilities, items, whatever that can be used once per session may now be used once per in-game day. A new in-game day begins after a Rest.
  • Food – Food item effects will last for two days as opposed to two sessions.
  • Status Effect Save – Negative status effects last for a maximum of 4 rounds. At the end of the victim’s turn, they make a Force or Finesse check (whichever was used to apply the status effect) at a DC of 7 + the effect source’s Force or Finesse (again, whichever was used), against each negative status effects. Rolling a natural 12 on this check is an automatic success.
  • Retraining – At every odd level, you can “retrain” a single Spell, a single Job Ability, and a number of Skill Points equal to half of your Skill Cap. A Spell can only be retrained to a new spell of equivalent or lower ranking.
  • Skills
    • Skill Caps – The cap for a number of ranks/points in a skill is your level + 1. These caps do not apply to miscellaneous bonuses provided by Abilities, items, and so on.
    • Perform – Perform, like Lore, has been split into separate specialty skills. You are free to specify whatever you wish for it and take as many separate Performs as you wish, so long as you invest ranks into them.
    • Points per level – As opposed to a paltry 2 per level, you now get an increased number based on your starting points:
      • 18 – 4
      • 20 – 5
      • 22 – 6
      • 24 – 7
      • 26 – 8
  • Special Ability – Each character has a special Ability detailed on their character page that they get automatically and does not count against their maximum number of Abilities.
  • We will be using the Stagger variant rule from the FF XIII system page.
  • We will be using the Materia system from the FF VII system page, with some modifications for said Materia. Any modified Materia will be listed either here or on the Materia system page.
  • Confuse – the Confuse status effect now has the following results from a d6 roll, made by the player at the start of their turn before taking any other actions:
    • 1 – Act nonsensically, such as talking to a rock.
    • 2 or 3 – Fight for the other side.
    • 4, 5, or 6 – Act normally
  • Spell Effects – Losing MP or HP from casting a spell (or using some other ability that takes a slow action and causes HP/MP loss) does not actually happen until the spell’s effects happen on the instant action of their next turn. In addition, you do not need to pick the spell’s target or targets until said instant action.
  • Comet Materia – Level 1 Comet Materia grants you the Burn Ray spell as detailed in the Time Magic section, not Meteorite. The description of the spell is correct, but the spell name is not.

Specific Ability Changes:

  • Geomancer – Any Offensive Geotrances that do Highest Attribute * Level do Highest Attribute * Half-Level instead. This is assumed to be a typo. In addition, Forest does Non-Elemental damage.
  • Samurai – Break Arts now requires an opposed Force or Finesse roll, not a successful attack roll. You must be able to hit your target with a normal attack.
  • Dragoon – Jump now transports you a Medium range instead of a Long Range. In addition, rolling a critical on the instant action attack after a Jump does not do 200% damage or activate any weapon properties based on critical hits (i.e Spellburst). Instead, it does the following.
    • Destroys the surface you land on.
    • Deals damage to all enemies within a short range.
    • If you have the Threaten ability, it activates for free without affecting your attack.
  • Gambler – Use 4 dice for Slots. A Jackpot is now two pair, three match, or four match.
  • Dark Knight – You cannot recover HP through any means on any attack in which you also use Darkside. This does not apply to effects like Regen or being affected by a Cure spell, as those are not paired with an attack.
    • Darkside’s damage increase is now half your level.
  • Monk – Shockwave does PWR x Half Level. PWR x Level was just silly.
  • Red Mage – Spellburst spell tiers are as follows: 1 – Novice, 2 – Intermediate, 4 – Expert, 6 – Superior, 8 – Ancient.

System Information

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