The Crystal War

All books, save a precious few, on the Crystal War have been removed or destroyed for centuries. The only proof that it happened is from other books and myths that have been passed down. The only book remaining was in the collection of extremely rare tomes.

The Crystal War was, as far as scholars can best determine, a defense of the sentient beings from a massive attack and invasion by the dragons and allied monsters. Spawned from the Miasma, they destroyed the civilizations on the other continents, forcing the fight back to the Miasmic Continent before the Crystallis and united species were able to force them back and drive them apart. The Dragon Knights of Narshe proved exceptional, as did the Royal Mages of Lindblum and Cocoon’s Mounted Brigade.

The Battle of Gizamaluke Plains was the turning point. Assembled monsters struck at night from the forests at the base of the mountains, swarming the lines of the Crystallis forces. Caught by surprise, the Mounted Brigade and Dragon Knights rallied, letting the Mages and other footsoldiers have their time to get ready. Though they suffered heavy losses, the Knights and Brigade held the line against a bitter and terrible offensive until the rest of the forces were prepared. The rest of the Knights banded together and, using the front line to pierce the monster ranks, charged forward and struck directly at the commanding dragons, doing what they did best.

Their leaders dead, the monsters scattered back into the woods, and a mop-up operation began.

The affected areas were devastating, but the Crystallis forces won, thanks to the protection provided by their guardians. The monsters have never organized in such a way again, and the resulting dragon hunt exterminated most of their ranks. They will never again be a threat to us.

The Crystal War

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