Treno is a town where you can either double your money or lose it in one fell swoop, and people wouldn’t want it any other way.

A tourist trap by any other name, Treno is a city where the nightlife is the only real life. Blank’s Tables and Candles are the big two casinos, in constant competition with each other. With attractions such as world-famous singers and dancers, along with the occasional stage magician. Each has their own devotees, frequenters, and dumb luck winners.

Aside from the casinos, visitors can visit the numerous shops and sights. Calling Treno home is the Colosseum, where the world’s best fighters come to fight each other or the world’s toughest monsters – under strictly controlled conditions, of course. Also there is the Lucky Hand, a world-renowned card game tournament location.

The United Games are also held every three years in Treno. Athletes from all over come to compete in a variety of events, primarily sporting, earning fame and fortune for their home cities and towns.


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