What will you leave behind?

The Crystal War of seven hundred years ago left the world on the brink of collapse.
Bathed in the noxious Miasma since the meteor impact near the end of the war, the planet’s only remaining safe harbors are protected by massive, powerful crystals that ward off the dangerous air.

Under the protection of the Crystallis, civilization has prospered and rebuilt. Three primary cities have formed and thrived on the only habitable continent in the world – the Miasmic Continent.

Species have survived. The cities have rebuilt. Time passes, and peace has reigned.

But, as is often, the peace is only temporary. Rumors of vanishing groups of people are passed on. Whisperings of disappearing royal family members form a constant noise in the cities. Entire houses are gone, left empty. People are going away, and it’s starting to worry everyone else. The ruling families are being vague, dodging the questions, and shunting aside those who want the truth – for reasons unknown.

In response, an unlikely resistance has arisen, pushing against a nameless enemy. The cities are preparing for open war, the the participants don’t even know why they’re fighting.

How far would you go to restore the balance?
Games are set for Friday evenings/nights, with Saturday evenings/nights as a backup.

Final Fantasy Infinite

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