Final Fantasy Infinite

Echoes 4: Landfall

To boldly go where no man has gone for at least seven hundred years.

Another week of sailing ensues, and let’s see how our party fares:

  • Sir Edgar tries to make something useful out of materials he’s recovered, and is less successful than he should be.
  • Robert bravely fights seasickness, and achieves a Pyrrhic victory.
  • Leto attempts to make friends with all the sea creatures, while Kweh continues to decay on the bow.
  • Ioren relives his days as a rock.
  • Crash shakes his head, and asks “Why me?”

The party finally sights land, and with some skillful sailing manages to avoid being dashed against the rocks as they bring the ship to harbor. Ioren summons a stony gangplank, and the party sets foot on the eastern coast of the Northern Continent. Plains and swamps abound, with mountains and forest visible off to the west, and they follow a river in that general direction.

As the elevation picks up, the river cuts a deeper swath into the land, and a bend in the river reveals a large structure carved out of and into the wall of the canyon. The party opts to descend, ford the river, and explore. It’s clearly old, with seemingly-important structural elements beginning to crumble; however, the place has recently been fortified with timbers and metal reinforcements. They venture deeper, and are approached by a pair of Galka and escorted further in.

Though puzzled by the party’s presence, the Galka are not hostile. Their leader, Ture, explains them to be a scouting band, sent to survey the ruins for restoration and habitation. However, they’ve been trapped here for over a week; every time they attempt to explore the ruins further or leave, they’re attacked by insect-like creatures they call “Creepers”. Much to his puzzlement, the party has somehow entered the ruins unmolested.

Setting the mystery aside, the party offers to help defend as the Galka complete an escape tunnel, but despite the assistance, the Creepers collapse the tunnel during their attack. Having lost half his men and most of his supplies since the siege started, Ture has the Galka fortify one last defensive position, as the party delves deeper to attack the Creepers at their source.



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