A book left on the top of a shelf catches your eye, some of the pages about to fall out. You reach up and grab it, dust and dirt falling from the cover as you bring it in front of you. The title reads: The Lost Tales of the Espers. Several pages have been ripped out from the back.

The Espers are the gods of a long-dead civilization, their way of explaining how the world works.

As we understand from the few stories and myths we have, they were chaotic elements of nature combined into one being of pure magic. Biological, yes. Living, of course. But magic flowed through their veins as much as it could through any single creature of this world.

Their departure from this world was marked with a massive series of disasters and paradigm shifts. Nature became destabilized until the Crystallis brought it back into order. As the myth goes, no one knows why they left, but they fled en masse to somewhere beyond this world, living eternally there.

The only thing we have left of them now are these tales.

Written below the crossed out section in black ink with rough letters:

A disgrace to their memory.

Information added by Monty Karonet
The Espers are the partners to the Crystallis, and their opposites – incarnations of chaos and lawlessness. They tend towards being more creative and reckless than the Crystallis do.

Their actions at the end of the Crystal War left much of the planet in a state of emergency. Many of them voted to torch the planet and run through the Esper Gate to another world.

Those who did not leave hid themselves in some capacity, guarding the place however they could. In Tida, Ramuh took the shape of his book. Titan went into hibernation underground.

Of the others he mentioned – Shiva, Ifrit, Alexander – we do not know, and neither do Titan or Ramuh.

Known Espers:

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