Esto Gaza

Esto Gaza is the main city for the tribes of Fenrir. Carved into a mountain and connected by zip-lines that dart across the city, it is a perfect fit for the Esper of Wind’s chosen people to live.

It is home to the Yevon tribe, headed by Josef Autur, and is also the site of the annual Blitzball tournament.

Other tribes of Fenrir, while sizeable, are not as dominant within the city. They are:

  • Besaid – Once a tribe belonging to Leviathan, they have since merged with the Fenrir tribe after losing their ancient homelands to the poison that has overtaken Conal Curach. They are the Besaid Aurochs, and their tribal head is Shauna Kerrie.
  • Luca – The Luca Goers. They are headed by Sheridan Izaak.
  • Kilika – The Kilika Beasts. They are headed by Til Jacomina.

Esto Gaza

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